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Netball South West is managed by the Regional Management Board (RMB) which consists of voluntary, elected and appointed directors. The directors chair one of 6 working groups which are responsible for matters such as ‘competition and events’, ‘education and training’ and ‘marking and communications’ and have certain other responsibilities such as heading up our relationship with Team Bath. The RMB is responsible for the management and development of Netball in the South West, identifying and meeting the needs of everyone involved in netball to enhance participation experiences and encourage the uptake of the sport. The RMB co-ordinate the Regional Performance Programme, organise the Regional Leagues, oversee the strategic future of netball in the South West and continually seek to develop coaches, umpires and volunteers.

Regional Management Board

The RMB are made up of the following members:

Karen Jones – Chairman

Linda Dyer – Vice-Chair & Director

Danny Neill – Director

Les Thomas – Director

Michelle Rutter – Director

Denise Ellis – Director

Chrissie Brookes – Director

Sam Kemp – Regional Coordinator

Working Groups

Reporting to the Regional Management Board are the Working Groups. Each group is chaired by an RMB Director, ensuring a practical link to the RMB.

Competition and Events (chaired by Lesley Thomas)

Officiating TSG (chaired by Danny Neill)

Coaching TSG (chaired by Linda Dyer)

Media and Communications (chaired by Michelle Rutter)

Performance (chaired by Linda Dyer)

Finance and Management (chaired by Chrissie Brooks)

Team Bath (chaired by Denise Ellis)

Cell Group


Sue Whiffin – Disciplinary Secretary (suewhiffin@hotmail.co.uk)

Our Plan

Download the full version of the South West’s Regional Plan (2013-2017) below:

South West Regional Plan

Our Priorities

Netball South West are currently setting their priorities for 2017-18. Please check back to this page shortly for more information.

Our membership

Membership is generally by being affiliated via your local county, which in turn makes you a member of Netball South West and England Netball. Our member counties comprise:


Following on from the Netball South West Regional Goalden Globes our fantastic regional winners enjoyed an excellent time at the National Goalden Globe Awards. Netball South West are delighted that 10 volunteers received accolades on the night including Mo Squires who won 3 awards and Gilly Salter who became an England Netball Honorary Life Member. 

Read more our successful National Goalden Globes 2017 winners here


NSW Constitution

A copy of the Netball South West Constitution can be found below:

NSW Constitution