wedNEWSday: Inclusion club run super successful Festival

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Inclusion club run super successful Festival

Mo Squires, Swindon NDO, and several others organised a mini-tournament at the end of last month for Swindon Vixens (now an England Netball Core Inclusion club). Due to England Netball changing the date of the Marion Smith tournament, the Swindon Vixens were no longer able to attend the event so the volunteers decided to organise a local opportunity for them. They invited players from the local Swindon netball community to come and play the Swindon Vixens.

Annie, a player from Swindon Vixens, reflects on the event and comments:

“What an absolutely awesome night! The Vixens and events like this are truly ground breaking. If there was just one person there who had never spent time with somebody with a learning disability before – and now they know that people with learning disabilities are just the same as everybody else…they want to live a normal life where they ‘fit in’ –  then the festival has made a massive difference.”

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wedNEWSday: Walking Netballers Race for Life

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Walking Netballers Race for Life

On Wednesday 28th June, ten Walking Netballers took part in the Race for Life event on the seafront in Weston-Super-Mare. They all wore their Walking Netball “Trailblazers” T-shirts and passed a ball whilst taking part!

They hoped that they would not only be raising money for a really good cause, they would also be able to promote the sport at the same time. All was going well until the ball ended up going over the sea wall – luckily it was retrieved without anyone getting wet!

The ladies had a great time, and certainly caught the attention of lots of participants, spectators and organisers as well as getting several mentions over the loud speakers too.

The group play every Thursday 1-2pm at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre and new members are always welcome. Sessions will be running until the end of July when the group will be taking the summer off before re-grouping in September.

Please contact Angela @angelabass1010 for more info.

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wedNEWSday: Unmissable summer activity in Devon

Unmissable summer activity in Devon

Netball Youth Camps give junior players the chance to get together with their friends and take to the court in the holidays. The camps are running national wide for three or five days, catering for girls between the ages of 9 and 16. There will be plenty of fun, skills and match play as our coaches give expert tips to help improve play.

The camps are non-residential holiday camps providing ‘nothing but netball’; not only will there be top quality coaching and fun netball activities but there is even an opportunity to meet and be inspired by an elite player.

If you are a junior netball lover (or the parent of one!) these are an unmissable holiday activity. In the south west there is a camp for 9 to 11 year olds at Paignton Community and Sports Academy next month. Australian netball superstar and England Roses player Chelsea Pittman will be visiting the camp, the first of its kind in the Torbay area.

For more information, please contact

Don’t delay, book today!

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RL3 South Play-Offs

The last two places in the new Regional League Division 3 South were filled after the three-way play-off held on Sunday 2nd July at the University of Exeter Sports Park. Penzance, Vivary and Teignbridge Titans had each come third in their respective county competitions and were now vying for a regional league place.

Teignbridge Titans won both their matches, leaving Penzance and Vivary to play off in the final match for the last place in the league. Vivary were too strong for Penzance who had just narrowly lost their match against Titans.

Teignbridge Titans (East Devon) and Vivary (Somerset) will now join Saints and Storm (Cornwall), Exeter and Titans (East Devon), Hoilday Inn and Plymstock (West Devon), Tor Knights and Sydenham Gems (Somerset), in the inaugural season of RL3 South.

A huge thanks go to Debbie Ashworth and her team of umpires, Saira O’Dwyer, Janko Salzwedel and Sadie White, and to Jean Davies for her technical support on the day.

Match results:

Teignbridge Titans 34 Vivary 20

Teignbridge Titans 27 Penzance 26

Penzance 24 Vivary 35

We look forward to seeing all these teams on court next season!

Teignbridge Titans, promoted to RL3 South

Vivary, promoted to RL3 South

wedNEWSday: Support for an up-and-coming Gloucestershire club

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Support for an up-and-coming Gloucestershire club

Following a recent meeting with the lead of Tewkesbury Roses, a Gloucestershire based Netball Club, England Netball and Gloucestershire County Netball Association have pledged their support to help the club.

Based at Bredon School in Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury Roses NC are looking to run some Walking Netball throughout August and start a Back to Netball programme in September. They’re hoping these two initiatives will aid recruitment and if successful, they’ll look to enter the Gloucestershire County Netball League in September 2018, at the entry level.

If you’re based in the area and would like to get involved, please contact Charley Todd on Good luck, Tewkesbury Roses NC – we have every faith you will bloom!

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Regional League expands for 2017/18 season – final play offs Sunday 2nd July

Due to increased interest in regional league netball in the south of our region, we are expanding Regional League Division 3 to include two parallel sub-divisions, one each for the north and south.

RL3 North is made up of the teams who are currently in RL3 and are drawn from WIlts, Glos, Avon and Dorset. After the usual promotion and relegation it now includes Team Bath Tigers who won the RL3 North entry play-offs on 21 May in Bristol.

The top two teams from the southern counties have been invited to make up the new RL3 South division. Teams from Somerset (Tor Knights and Sydenham Gems), Cornwall (Saints and Storm), East Devon (Exeter and Titans) and West Devon (Holiday Inn Plymouth and Plymstock) have all accepted this invitation to be part of the new structure.

The remaining two places in RL3 South will be taken from the three teams who will be competing in the play-offs on Sunday 2nd July at University of Exeter Sports Park (10:00 till 14:00).

Vivary (Somerset), Penzance (Cornwall) and Teignbridge Titans (East Devon) all came third in their counties and are keen to take part in the new division next season which starts in September.

NSW U19 & Masters Tournaments 2017

The Netball South West U19 Tournament and Masters Tournament was held at Paignton Academy on Sunday 25th June. There was an extremely high standard of netball on display with many close fought matches. 8 teams from across the region competed in the U19 age group competition and 6 teams were in the Masters competition. Congratulations to Team Bath Gold (U19 Squad) who won the U19 Tournaments and to Titans NC for were crowned the Masters Champions. A full list of results can be found below.

Special thanks to local Devon volunteers who ran the table and refreshments area for the event and to all teams who supported the raffle, over £150 was raised for the Carly Taylor Trust – thank you!

NSW U19 Tournament 2017 Results:

1st           Team Bath Gold

2nd          Teignbridge Titans

3rd           Team Bath Blue

4th           Titans     

5th           Taunton

6th           Lawn

7th           Westexe

8th           Sidmouth

NSW Masters Tournament 2017 Results:

1st           Titans

2nd          Lawn

3rd           Galmington

4th           Yeovil

5th           Taunton

6th           Bridgwater

Team Bath Gold, NSW U19 Tournament Winners

Titans NC, NSW Masters Tournament Winners

wedNEWSday: Debbie Ashworth-y of Heather Crouch Award

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Debbie Ashworth-y on Goalden Globe big award

The South West Goalden Globes were held on Sunday 18th June and was an opportunity for us to recognise and thank our volunteers for the huge contribution they make to netball throughout the region. None more so than Debbie Ashworth, not only did Debbie win the Grassroots Officials Award but she also won the Heather Crouch Award. This award is selected from one of the regional Goalden Globe winners and is presented to a person, group or organisation that has made a significant contribution to or had an impact on Netball in the South West and Debbie is definitely worthy of the title.

Debbie is considered to be the umpiring guru of Cornwall. She recently passed her A award at the first attempt, not for her own satisfaction, but so she could bring her learning back to her mentees. Debbie has supported and developed over 50 new umpires, coordinates and mentors umpires at all NSW’s U16 and U14 regional events and frequently goes above and beyond what is required of her. She attends every junior league, is out every night of the week supporting umpires and rose to the challenge of providing umpires for the Regional Schools tournament. Debbie is encouraging and supportive in her approach, giving her trainees confidence and setting high standards to ensure they pass their assessment with ease.  Since she has become involved she has moved officiating in Cornwall from not having a sufficient umpire base to not having enough top level games to support the ever increasing demand for umpires she has developed. She continually inspires more people to get involved and will always give up a great game for herself to give one of her mentees the experience they need. Debbie is always prepared to help and assist umpires and teams, not just in Cornwall but within the South West region, regularly supplying umpires for regional matches if clubs are struggling and supporting any umpire who may be working towards their next award but does not have a mentor with them.

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South West Goalden Globe Awards 2017

The South West Regional Goalden Globe Awards 2017 were held at Somerset County Cricket Club on Sunday 18th June to celebrate the hard work and contribution of coaches, umpires, administrators and all other volunteers across the region. We were also lucky enough to enjoy two key note speeches from Jess Thirlby (Team Bath Director of Netball) and Anita Navin (Severn Stars Director of Netball). Over 100 people came to celebrate and reward the hard work and dedication of our wonderful volunteers across the region and 9on top of this we raised a very impressive £207 for the Carly Taylor trust.

Please see the results and nominees for each award below:

Grassroots Coach Award

Winner: Frankie Nutt 

As the lead of the Avon Coach Education programme Frankie has provided practical coaching sessions and mentoring opportunities to coaches across Avon, as well as organising CPD workshops for them to attend. Frankie is always available to provide cover for coaches across the Avon Netball community and has supported a number of clubs to develop their current members into coaches. As coaching secretary she has been able to fill an incredible 31 coaching vacancies in the area. Frankie has also introduced over 130 new players to netball and is loved by the teams and players that she coaches.

Nominees: Angela Rimmer, Karen Short, Charlotte Haigh, Sally Ruddle, Tessa Hutton


Grassroots Officials Award

Winner: Debbie Ashworth 

Debbie is an A award umpire and considered to be the umpiring guru of Cornwall. She has moved umpiring in Cornwall from not having sufficient umpires for the level of games to a point where there are not enough top level games to support the ever increasing number of talented umpires. Debbie has developed over 50 new umpires and continually goes above and beyond to support umpires across the region. Debbie inspires others to get involved in umpiring and encourages them to develop and improve.

Nominees: Gina Pearce, Karen Kilderry


Mary Bulloch Administrator Award

Winner: Lesley Robbins 

Lesley knows Team Bath Netball Club inside out. She manages the administration for the entire junior section, efficiently manages the club finances and has recently sourced a new website provider. Lesley provides vital support to the committee and since starting her position has assisted in growing the club from 4 to 10 teams. Lesley has built relationships with other local clubs to direct players to as the club is regularly oversubscribed. Lesley is simple an administrative dynamo – without her Team Bath Netball Club could not function.

Nominees: Karen Rawlins


Muriel McNally Award

Winner: Katrina Venner 

Despite a challenging year Katrina has ensured the North Devon League has run smoothly, ensuring everyone was aware of the changes and writing funding bids to help the league return to its original venue. Katrina has supported her club and league with administration and has coached 7 club teams and a regional league squad – all on top of her responsibilities as a teacher. She is enthusiastic about giving everyone a chance to play netball and most recently has fundraised for netball equipment for a school in Kenya.

Nominees: Lorraine Beel, Beryl Darling, Laura Holt, Ann Smith, Paty Colvin, Hazel Hucker, Sally Arthur


Teacher Award

Winner: Clare Allen 

Clare’s love of netball is evident in every event or role she is involved in. She provides countless out of school opportunities for students to take part in netball as players and volunteers. She promotes netball to all of her students, identifying relevant pathways for their progression and encouraging them to represent their school in competitive tournaments – where they are regular finalists. Outside of her role as a teacher, Clare has inspired and encouraged hundreds of children to participate in netball.

Nominees: Katrina Venner


Unsung Hero Award

Winner: Jackie Tresidder 

Jackie has been a coach at Penryn Netball Club for 20 years as well as club chair and secretary. She has been chair of Cornwall Netball and coached the Cornwall netball youth teams as well as supporting a number of local schools. Jackie always promotes the pathway from school to club netball, encouraging girls to join clubs, which has increased participation. For over 40 years Jackie has dedicated her life to ensure the development of netball in Cornwall. She is seen as a mother figure and is a well-respected member of the Cornwall netball community.

Nominees: Jennifer Kelly, Kate Harper, Joan White, Caroline Kellaway, Rosie Hale


Young Volunteer Award

Winner: Lauren Leatherland 

Lauren’s selfless dedication to volunteering is admirable and without her commitment Weymouth Junior Netball Club would not be the same. Despite completing her A-levels her ability and willingness to volunteer has not decreased. Lauren is a coach and umpire as well as a committee member at Weymouth, she assists and mentors juniors and possess skills equivalent to that of an experienced club coach. Lauren is highly respected and despite her age is often looked to by senior members of the cub for advice. Lauren is extremely hard working and is an outstanding role model at Weymouth Junior Netball Club.

Nominees: Amy Tomlin, Chloe Cooper, Claire Tooth, Jodi Sealey, Channon Bruton


Outstanding Club Award

Unfortunately as the nominees are not CAPS accredited they do not meet the award criteria and therefore we do not have a winner in this category.

Nominees: Axe Vale NC, Dart NC


Heather Crouch Award

This award is selected from the winners of the other 8 categories and presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to netball in the South West.

Winner: Debbie Ashworth

National Goalden Globe Nominees

Mo Squires

Nominated for: Inclusion & Diversity Award, Rose Award & Long Service Award

Having volunteered in netball for nearly 40 years Mo has filled nearly every voluntary role within Swindon and Wiltshire. Fondly regarded as the ‘founder’ of Walking Netball, Mo has been a key player in developing the game and has offered feedback to England Netball on how Walking Netball should be delivered and how it impacts participants. Mo is a huge advocate of the game, promoting the benefits through local and national media outlets (including Sky and BBC Radio 4) as well as seeking funding to support more WN Hosts. In addition to this Mo launched Swindon Vixens, an EN Core Inclusion Club, that provides women/girls with learning disabilities an opportunity to play netball regularly. Nothing is impossible for Mo, if there is a need or demand for netball she will go above and beyond to fill it. Mo believes netball is for all regardless of age, ability, experience or background and even if it means it’s not delivered in a ‘traditional format’. Mo is hugely respected by all as someone that unselfishly volunteers numerous hours of her time, actively seeks opportunities in which to recognise and praise others’ contributions and as someone that recognises the additional positive impact netball can have – raising over £12,000 since 2014 through her annual “Squires Tournament”. A true inspiration.


Netball South West would like to say a big thank you to David White from BBC Radio Cornwall for hosting our event wonderfully, to Somerset County Cricket Club for providing an excellent venue and food and also to Will Dax for taking all the photos.

Finally, we would like to say congratulations to all of the winners and nominees and we wish all the winners and Mo the best of luck when they go forward to compete in the National Goalden Globe Awards where they will be against winners from all the Netball Regions across the country.

wedNEWSday: Netball has bounced back in Dorset

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Netball has bounced back in Dorset

Last Sunday was all about the Back to Netball ladies in Dorset as over 100 of them attended Dorset’s Back to Netball Festival in Wimborne. Congratulations to Team Warriors who were the winners with Gem Set and Yeovil second and third respectively. Thank you to all 11 teams for taking part, all demonstrating some fantastic netball. A huge thank you also to all the umpires who I think wished had packed the sun cream! A great day was had by all.

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