“Hello! My name is Jenny and I am the secretary and a coach at Honiton Netball Club. We formed as a club in July 2011 after running some really successful junior taster sessions earlier in the year. We started with CAPS almost straight away as it was a really helpful tool to make sure we had everything in place. There are templates for everything you need including job descriptions and policies, they really take the hard work out of completing paperwork. We were awarded Bronze CAPS in November 2011 and it’s been a really useful tool to help with the development of the club , especially the action planning section which the committee review regularly, and gaining funding and recognition as a good club in the local area. We now have over 80 members from age 9-16 after starting with one U14 team 4 years ago. The club continues to go from strength to strength and we are aiming for Silver CAPS in 2016!”

England Netball’s Club Action Planning Scheme, otherwise and more commonly known as CAPS, is a scheme devised to help netball clubs function in the most efficient way, with least long-term hassle. It is directly linked to Sport England’s Clubmark scheme and it’s all about good practice in the development of players, coaches and umpires at all levels.

It’s not just about paperwork and filling in forms. In fact, most clubs find that the CAPS process highlights all the good development work that they are already doing. This clarifies roles and gives help and positive encouragement to new volunteers – those who might usually hesitate before coming forward. In today’s society, CAPS offers a way of maximising safe andchild-friendly activities.

In line with the Clubmark award, CAPS focuses on four key areas that impact netball clubs:

  • Duty of Care and Child Protection
  • Coaching and Competition
  • Club Management/Administration
  • Sports Equity and Ethics

CAPS has three levels of accreditation, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

What does CAPS offer?

  • A clear development pathway for members – current and potential
  • Increased confidence in a club’s life span
  • Publicity
  • High profile exposure through Sport England, England Netball and other agencies
  • Increased efficiency to activity
  • More links with a local community
  • High standards
  • More members – coaches, umpires and players
  • A successful method of spreading a club’s workload
  • Increased possibility of securing funding or upgraded facilities
  • Opportunities to expand a club’s volunteer base
  • A strong local and national support network

How does my club register?

There is no charge for registering for the CAPS scheme. All you need is a commitment to development and good, safe practice.

Join the CAPS scheme by downloading a registration form from the England Netball website. Support is available from the Regional Office or from your county’s Netball Development Officer.

Find out more about becoming a CAPS club.