“Hello!  My name is Lorraine (or as some would know me as ‘Tiger Beel’).  I picked up the whistle when I was 18 years old, purely as no one else in my team wanted to umpire, and felt that I had a loud voice!.  25 years later, and I’m now an ‘A’ Award umpire, Tester, Mentor and Tutor.  I’m very passionate for the game of netball, and thrive on other umpires achievements.  My netball club of Titans in North Devon can boast that we currently have 30 qualified umpires, including 3 ‘ A’ award and 5 ‘B’ awards.  Most of my week is taking up of netballing commitments, from coaching my local primary school to Back to Netball Sessions.  I like to be passionate when tutoring my umpiring skills, and the majority will know what I’m saying, when I’m shouting ‘Tits To The Court’.   I have an very understanding family, when most weekends, my netball whites and whistle is packed to embrace the great camaraderie of  ‘ Team White ‘.”  

Netball has changed markedly over recent years and with the increased speed, athleticism and skill levels of the players, has come an increased level of physical contest that presents challenges for umpires and other officials.

An umpire’s role is to facilitate a flowing, enjoyable game for all participants, including players, coaches, administrators, spectators and other officials. The approach that umpires take into each game plays a large part in the success of the game for all. To continue the progress of netball umpires must, along with all facets of the game, develop and push boundaries.

Education and Training

The Education and Training group aims to deliver an number of B Award Umpire courses, B Award Umpire practical assessments and Match Bench Officials courses each season. The group also hopes to work with counties to establish local Talented Young Umpire and Talented Umpire Programmes for umpires working towards the regional programme and work with potential mentors in these counties by initially running umpire mentor workshops across the region.

If you need more information, please contact Danny Neill (Chair of the Officiating Technical Support Group).