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Hey Everyone,

Welcome to our first blog post. We are the Netball South West Youth Advisory Group (NSWYAG) and our job is to represent young people’s views of netball in the South West. We aim to ensure everyone has a better experience of the sport.

Our First Training Weekend

Saturday 9th April 2016

Shortly after arriving and after a few awkward icebreakers, the NSWYAG shared our personal experiences within netball. Once getting a general ideal of people’s interests and loves of netball, we thought it was the perfect time for some team bonding! After a few couple competitive games of bowling and discovering we should stick to what we know best (netball, of course) we met with Karen Jones: chair of Netball South West. As a group we discussed the opportunities we could build for young people and how we could make netball in the South West even better! After all that hard work, we rewarded ourselves with a bucket full of ice cream and brownies for dinner! We gave it our best shot, but we were sadly defeated…

Sunday 10th April 2016

After a good night’s sleep, it was back to business, however this time it was to discuss the lighter topic of NSWYAG kit. Of course we have to look the part to represent the views of young people in the South West! It was then on to the important topic of social media and how we were going to raise Netball South West’s online presence.

*Cue the shameless self-promo* Go follow us on twitter @NetballSW

Before we go, we of course have to give a shout out to Netball South West for organising such a great weekend! We had so much fun as a group and made lots of plans to implement.

We’ll be in touch again soon (after next meeting in July), but in the meantime if you’d like to get in contact please email us at youth@netballsouthwest.co.uk.