#wedNEWSday – Gloucestershire diversify during difficult times

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles

Now that the latest restrictions sadly do not allow senior leagues to play indoors, Gloucestershire Netball were keen to offer some form of competition for under 18s who are allowed to play indoors.

Resultantly, the 16 – 18 year old league has been created with the first fixture scheduled for 7th November.  The league will be in addition to the junior leagues that are run on Sundays for the under 16 age groups, and thus far six teams have confirmed their place, with many more making enquiries. 

Players need to be EN members and will have qualified umpires for all matches. The matches will be friendly (to be played to the modified rules) and the Restart Guidance fully adhered to.

Les Thomas, Netball South West Competition & Events Lead, has also set up a similar structure at regional level. The region has been divided into the north, south and mid, and 19 teams have entered the new league for 16 – 18 year olds. 

Good luck to all of those involved and enjoy playing in the warm – us adults aren’t jealous at all!

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#wedNEWSday – Youth Working Group recruitment

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles.

For weeks #wedNEWSday story we caught up with Issy, who is the Youth Lead on the Netball South West Regional Management Board. Issy is currently at university and is looking to create a Youth Working Group.

Issy said ‘Within my role at Netball South West, I have been looking to develop my role as Youth Representative, creating a team of committed and enthusiastic volunteers from across the region to support me in developing new ideas.

The youth group is going to be an extension from the board to really help understand what counties need in order to sustain our youth membership and how we can engage with more girls in providing the best possible netball experience.

Previously we have ran 2 Mental Wellbeing Workshops, a charity tournament along with the Goalden Globes and working with our local franchises. After the craziness of 2020 I think we have the opportunity to create even more opportunities within our communities to be able to sustain participation and support our young members.

Working with the board and some really remarkable individuals within my role has shown the impact that the board can have and I want to find young individuals who want to make a change in netball and have innovative ideas on how we can do this!’

The application form can be found on our website here and will remain there until the closing date on the 26th October. If you have any questions about the process or the role, please email Youth@netballsouthwest.co.uk

If you have a good news story that you would like to share please send your story and a picture to Laura Woodruff (southwest@englandnetball.co.uk)

Updated Restart and Competition guidance issued and clarification on multiple groups indoors

On Thursday 24 September, we shared the latest Government changes that netball organisations would have to adhere to (shown here). We’d like to thank all netball organisations that changed their plans so quickly to still enable netball to happen over the weekend.

England Netball – Netball Connected Picture: Chris Vaughan Photography for Born Agency Date: March 19, 2019

We have now updated the Restart Guidance to reflect the most recent changes and version 2 is now available here. COVID-19 Officers are being directly contacted and we will be running forums next week which are open to representatives from clubs and leagues to further enhance understanding of the most recent changes.

Competition guidance has also been updated and is now available here. There are also hints and tips for league organisers to consider.

Within the Restart Guidance, further clarification on the rule of six is explained. Whether indoors or outdoors, the maximum number allowed per court remains at 30 including coaches and officials. If indoors, for 18 year olds and over, the group must be organised in discrete groups of six. Bubbles of six should not mix within the training session and there must be sufficient space to ensure bubbles do not come into close contact with one another. Coaches must maintain social distancing and not mix cross bubble. Competitive, seven-a-side matches are still not permitted indoors as this breaches the rule of six.

Other changes to highlight include:

  • 18 year olds playing netball for the purpose of education, such as curriculum sport or playing for schools teams have been added to the exemption list. However in a community setting, once 18, they must adhere to the rule of six.
  • It is no longer mandatory for match officials, first aiders and coaches to wear face coverings indoors, during activity. However, wearing face coverings is encouraged where possible and practical.

Our FAQs have now been updated to reflect the recent Government changes and are available here.

Thanks again to all those enabling netballers across the country to get on court, you are the netball heroes of 2020!