Updated Restart and Competition guidance issued and clarification on multiple groups indoors

On Thursday 24 September, we shared the latest Government changes that netball organisations would have to adhere to (shown here). We’d like to thank all netball organisations that changed their plans so quickly to still enable netball to happen over the weekend.

England Netball – Netball Connected Picture: Chris Vaughan Photography for Born Agency Date: March 19, 2019

We have now updated the Restart Guidance to reflect the most recent changes and version 2 is now available here. COVID-19 Officers are being directly contacted and we will be running forums next week which are open to representatives from clubs and leagues to further enhance understanding of the most recent changes.

Competition guidance has also been updated and is now available here. There are also hints and tips for league organisers to consider.

Within the Restart Guidance, further clarification on the rule of six is explained. Whether indoors or outdoors, the maximum number allowed per court remains at 30 including coaches and officials. If indoors, for 18 year olds and over, the group must be organised in discrete groups of six. Bubbles of six should not mix within the training session and there must be sufficient space to ensure bubbles do not come into close contact with one another. Coaches must maintain social distancing and not mix cross bubble. Competitive, seven-a-side matches are still not permitted indoors as this breaches the rule of six.

Other changes to highlight include:

  • 18 year olds playing netball for the purpose of education, such as curriculum sport or playing for schools teams have been added to the exemption list. However in a community setting, once 18, they must adhere to the rule of six.
  • It is no longer mandatory for match officials, first aiders and coaches to wear face coverings indoors, during activity. However, wearing face coverings is encouraged where possible and practical.

Our FAQs have now been updated to reflect the recent Government changes and are available here.

Thanks again to all those enabling netballers across the country to get on court, you are the netball heroes of 2020!

#wedNEWSday – #RiseAgain

England Netball released a statement on Monday with the update information on the annoucement of the new membership. Please read below:

For every day that  we’ve  been kept apart from our teammates and the incredible game we all  love, we have been dreaming of the day that we can celebrate being together again.

We have now started to see the gradual return of  some community sports and are confident that  netball’s comeback is nearing. Having submitted our action plan to Government, we are simply waiting for the green light to allow us to step back out on court and play netball in some shape or form again.

Whilst we wait with bated breath, we are doing everything we can to ensure that netball regains its momentum and the success we were all enjoying before the crisis began; from gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, a home Vitality Netball World Cup, record crowds at all netball events and more women and girls stepping on court across the country than ever before!

With your help, netball will emerge stronger from this, we’re sure of it. But we can’t do it alone. As a not-for-profit membership organisation, we are extremely proud to put every penny earned back into the game, but sadly, the financial strain caused by the pandemic has placed considerable pressure on the sport we all love. There has never been a more important time for us all to rally together and collectively help netball #RiseAgain.

Join the #RiseAgain movement and pledge your support  

The #RiseAgain movement is a call for people to sign up to 2020/21 membership to help safeguard netball’s future and to enjoy a range of benefits.

We ask that where possible you pledge the full price of membership to help your sport through these uncertain times and join the #RiseAgain movement. For those who choose to pay the full membership fee between 3 August and 30 September 2020, we want to say thank you in a unique way; we will print your name on the court for the next Vitality Roses home international series to proudly show all of the names of those members who came together to help netball #RiseAgain. Terms and conditions apply.

However, we recognise that some members of our Netball Family have also suffered financial hardship this year, so for that reason, we want to offer an optional 30% discount* (payable against the national element of membership) to those who need it, to ensure everyone who wants to, can enjoy our sport. If you choose to, simply use code RISE2020 before 30 September 2020 at checkout, in the promotional code field.

If you’re an existing member, please check your email as you will have been sent a link that you can use to renew your 2020/21 membership.

If you’re not a current member and are interested in learning more, please click here.

Thank you 

We can’t thank the Netball Family enough for your continued support and patience during these difficult times. You have truly demonstrated that netball is more than just a sport. Without our members and your continued dedication and loyalty, the sport would not have achieved its recent success.

*Excludes Social & Supporting membership and all group memberships, including region, county, secondary school and college / university.  The discount is available from 3 August – 30 September 2020. The discount can only be applied at point of purchase, and cannot be applied retrospectively to members who choose to pay in full.

#wedNEWSday – World Cup Throwback

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles.

Can you believe the Netball World Cup was a year ago? The South West Team headed up to work at the fan park and what an amazing experience it was, we reminisced about it today. We caught up with two fans who travelled from Cornwall and Devon retrospectively to take in the Netball World Cup.

My memories of NWC 2019 – By Lucy Higgins, Cornwall NDO.

‘It started on April 13 2018. I was added to a Whatsapp group, ‘NWC Liverpool 2019’ with some of my teammates from my old netball club in London (shout-out to Blackheath Wanderers!) and one of my best friends from my hometown club (Penzance Netball Club), who I’d played with since the age of six. Almost three months before tickets went on sale, we were prepped and ready to start saving and planning for our first Netball World Cup together. A plan was formed, Doodles were made, broadband speed was tested, and by the time ticket-buying day rolled around, we had a team of people… it was like Glastonbury but more exciting, with more netball puns and with arguably much more at stake! By 10.01am, we had 24 tickets for nine of us, spanning play-offs, the semi-final and the final. The stage was set.

A year and approximately 45,239 Whatsapp messages later, and we all arrived in Liverpool. Immediately, the atmosphere was electric. I’d previously lived in the city and knew how well Liverpool could put on a show, and it didn’t disappoint! I’d been lucky enough to be living in Sydney in 2015 so had been to the final of the NWC, watching Australia beat New Zealand. But the Netball World Cup in Liverpool was like nothing I have ever experienced.

Our first night together, we sat in the lounge of our Airbnb, excitedly talking about the next day’s games. I knew some of the girls really well, had a met a couple of others, and some I’d never met before, but that’s the beauty of netball – it’s a great leveller and brings people together seamlessly. By the end of the evening, we were firm friends, and by the end of the weekend we were bound together, having ridden the crushing low of the England v NZ semi-final and the impressive, awe-inspiring and thoroughly entertaining highs of the bronze medal match against South Africa. Some of my highlights included being dressed as Roses (of course!), and hearing the crowd shouting ‘We want Dunn!’ – hearing the roar when she came on court was like almost nothing I’ve heard before, reminiscent only of the crowds at the London Olympics.

For me, the Netball World Cup was a celebration of all my very favourite things about netball. It brought together people from all over the world, who had one common interest. It was like being at a festival, where everyone likes the same thing as you, and the atmosphere is full of anticipation, excitement and respect for the beautiful game. One amazing thing about the NWC was being able to actually see the players! Meeting Sam Wallace (star GS for Trinidad & Tobago and NSW Swifts, and a personal favourite player of mine) in Primark really stood out for me. The players weren’t hidden away backstage or in a VIP area like they would be at a festival – they were out and about, making the most of their trip to Liverpool, chatting to fans, shopping, getting coffees, and giving us all little ‘pinch myself’ moments. Like I said, netball is a great leveller.

I saw the excitement of young girls at their first international match who had well and truly got the netball bug. I saw die-hard stalwarts of the game in tears with joy or sadness, so wrapped up in the emotions of each pass. I saw people dancing, high-fiving, cheering and celebrating, happy just to be surrounded by other like-minded people. I bumped into women I’d played with at clubs in Cardiff and Liverpool, all bound together by the love of the sport. I chatted to people from all over the world, having a really in-depth chat with an Aussie woman straight after the final about the positional changes. We were all netball nerds and, for 10 days, we were in paradise.

And the Whatsapp group? It’s been renamed NWC Capetown 2023, and the saving, planning and excitement has already begun’

As we look back at memories from the Netball World Cup 2019, Jenny Kelly Devon NDO recounts her 470 mile round trip to watch the England Semi Final.

‘Thinking back to this time last year, I had a great 3 days with the South West team working at the Fan Park. Although exhausting it was great fun speaking to people, giving information about netball sessions, facilitating game play on the portable court and welcoming national teams for their fan park signings.

I hadn’t been able to get any match tickets in the run up to the event so I was really excited when news came up of some tickets available for the Semi Final between England and New Zealand! I jumped at the chance to go, I just had one small problem my daughter was all the way down in Devon. So I finished work in Liverpool on the Thursday and travelled back to the South West with the rest of the team. Friday after Sian finished school for the day we headed back up the motorway finally arriving back in Liverpool around 11pm ready for the match on Saturday. I’ll never forget I had scheduled a radio interview with my local BBC station on the Saturday morning and I was outside the England Roses hotel, on the phone, live on the radio when the Roses left to head to the arena. The screaming and cheering was deafening but it really got across how excited all the England fans were.

It was fantastic to be in the arena, the atmosphere was electric and the game so nail-biting. We had a fabulous time even though the Roses lost it was great to have been there and well worth the hours of driving. We loved it so much we headed to Nottingham earlier this year to watch the rematch at the nations cup.

I truly loved every part of being involved with the Netball World Cup in Liverpool, as staff , adhoc reporter and fan!’

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England Netball’s response to the latest Government guidance

England Netball’s response to the latest Government guidance

On Monday 1st June, further Government guidance on social distancing and the return of outdoor sports came into effect, click here to read more. Up to six netballers from different households can now meet and take part in netball fitness sessions together in outdoor spaces, providing teammates from different households stay two metres apart at all times.

What does this mean for me?

This is a great first step towards the return of community netball. Whilst we know netballers the length and breadth of the country have been working hard on their fitness during lockdown, we know it just isn’t the same as working out alongside your teammates.

Whilst this is a positive step for community netball’s return, the Government has not yet deemed it appropriate for close contact activity to commence or for a full netball team to gather. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes at England Netball on the development of our full Return to Play plan and as part of this we will work with the Netball Family to ensure that when the time comes, we will be ready to hit the court once more.

In the latest guidance issued, it outlined that equipment sharing should be kept to a minimum and that small sided games are not permitted. We therefore strongly recommend that the sharing of equipment and balls is minimised with those outside of your household to reduce the risk of infection. There are lots of fun netball fitness activities that can be enjoyed without a netball or with each player using their own netball. If you don’t have a netball or your own equipment, Gilbert are offering 15% off selected training products, take a look here.

In preparation for meeting your fellow teammates for netball fitness activity, here is an overview of relevant Government guidance and our current recommendations:

  • Avoid meeting up in busy locations – there are a number of outdoor courts, including basketball and tennis courts, as well as parks now open
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before leaving home and again when you return, see more guidance on this here
  • Sanitize your equipment thoroughly including your ball, cones, spots, fitness mats and water bottles before and after use
  • Avoid using public transport to meet up with others
  • Avoid touching court gates, fences, benches and netball posts where possible
  • Do not make physical contact with other players
  • To ensure you follow social distancing measures, set up your fitness stations at least two metres away from people outside of your household

For further information, including guidance for coaches, check out our FAQs.

Please continue to follow the above guidance and ultimately have a great time seeing your netball friends again.

What next?

We are continuing to work with the Government and Sport England to further understand what the return of community sport looks like, and more importantly what this means for netball. We will continue to update you over the coming weeks and months on our website, via email and our social media channels.

In the next month, further sport related Government guidance is set to be announced. We are therefore aiming to share our road map for community netball’s return by late June, so you can begin to plan and prepare for your return to court.

Until that time comes, we are doing all we can to keep the Netball Family moving. In May, we launched our Virtual Netball Club (VNC) which provides members with a weekly programme of netball activity including live netball fitness activity, HIIT workouts with the Vitality Roses and exclusive sessions with netball celebs. Why not take this opportunity to try one of the VNC workouts with some of your teammates (at a distance of course)?

In the meantime, stay safe. We will be together again soon.

#wedNEWSday – Satellite Academy final session proves success

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles. Make sure you check out our website each week to keep up to date and if you have a great story let us know using the details below!

In March, the Dorset Satellite Academies from Blandford, Bournemouth, Poole and Weymouth participated in their end of season Satellite Tournament. Each Satellite provided two teams and the Tournament was played in two sections on the indoor courts at Sir David English Sports Centre.

The Tournament provided enthusiastic and skilful play with some close run matches.  Athletes took the opportunity to thank their Academy coaches, umpires and parents for their support over the season.

The final results:


1st: Poole

2nd: Bournemouth

3rd: Blandford

4th: Weymouth


1st: Poole

2nd: Bournemouth

3rd: Blandford and Weymouth

Congratulations to all involved and thank you to Linda for organising the tournament

In Gloucestershire the final session of the season for the Satellite Academy as part of the Gloucestershire Performance Pathway saw the girls reflect on the skills they had learnt and developed throughout the season and ended with some fun games and match play.

A big well done goes to all players for their continued hard work and development this season and fingers crossed for all attending trials over the next few months. A big thank you to all coaches involved in the pathway, Performance Pathway lead Vicki Wood and the Gloucestershire County Netball Association for all the hard work, support and organization that goes on behind the scenes in the running and sustaining of the performance pathway in Gloucestershire.

For more information about netball opportunities in Gloucestershire please contact Development Officer Amy Ruffell-Hazell at amy.ruffell-hazell@englandnetball.co.uk  or for specific details regarding the performance pathway please visit our website at: https://glos-netball.org.uk/

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#wedNEWSday – Dragons U.16 take 6th place at National Finals

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles. Make sure you check out our website each week to keep up to date and if you have a great story let us know using the details below!

Hucclecote U.16 Dragons netball squad stepped up at last weekend’s U.16 National Club Finals competition and went on to secure the 6th place in England.

This is only the second time in the club’s history that they have achieved 6th place at this age group and are very proud of all involved. The draw was incredibly tough, seeing them meet last year’s finalists Oldham in their first round.  This match had spectators on their seats as the score stood at 11 all at half time with Dragons producing some great netball. However, Oldham’s experience and the changes they made at half time made an impact and they went on to win by 13 goals.  Hucclecote stepped it up in their next three matches not letting the defeat get them down, and went on to win against Lincoln, Barr Beacon and Telstar’s. This secured them the opportunity to go for the top spot on Sunday.  All the squad took to the court.

Their first match on Sunday was against Charnwood Rutland, a team who came 3rd the previous season. The match proved exciting with just 2 goals between them at quarter time and 4 at half time and could have gone either way. Charnwood’s shooter proved to be their key player missing only one attempt in the game.

Hucclecote’s final game in this section saw them meet Eagles, another top 4 team from the previous year.  Hucclecote started well and found themselves just one goal down at quarter time, however the tide turned as Eagles pressed hard defensively against the Dragons. At 7-11 down Eagles sniffed victory in the air and went on to produce some outstanding play taking a well-deserved win and a slot in the final.

Hucclecote’s final play off game for 5/6th place saw them meet MK Dons, and to start with Hucclecote played some of their best netball of the tournament, playing with confidence and taking care of the ball to give them an early lead 7-6.  The second quarter saw some ping pong netball and with errors creeping into their game and missed chances to convert, MK Dons took the lead 12-11. Dragons and MK Dons both made changes in their attack and shooting circles however the added pressure saw Dragons unsettled and at ¾ time they found themselves 5 goals down.  One final combination saw Hucclecote challenge back and produce some strong attacking moves, however it proved too late and Hucclecote had to settle for 6th place losing by just 7 goals.

Hucclecote would like to thank this season sponsors HSS Training Ltd, Alpha Dragon Cement and G S Consultancy who have supported throughout the season and for this event. Also to GCNA and NSW for their on-going support.

Hucclecote U.16 awards were also presented during the weekend to the following players:-

Player of the Season & Player of the Tournament       Hannah Howl

Shooter of the Season                                                 Issy Eaton

Most Improved Player                                                  Freya Coull

Coaches Players                                                          Katie Pauling and Mia Mathewson

Players Player                                                              Emily Seymour-Perry

Squad: H. Howl Captain, I. Eaton, G. Thorp, S. Winfield, K. Pauling, M. Mathewson, N. Baird, N. Englefield, E. Seymour-Perry, S. Jinks, F. Coull, E. Gabriel (Vice)

Hucclecote Dragons should be proud of their achievement, where they played against, the winners, runners-up, 3rd and 5th placed team and showed much courage and support throughout.

Thanks, must also go to the volunteer supporters, Wendy Burgess (Assistant Coach), Sue Wainwright (Chair), and Liz Banyard (Scorer) and Becky Howl (Team Co-ordinator) and to all the amazing parents/carers who have given so much of their time to support the squad.

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#wedNEWSday – Exeter Netball Club secure England Netball National Premier Division status

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles. Make sure you check out our website each week to keep up to date and if you have a great story let us know using the details below!

Exeter Netball Club who are partnered with University of Exeter have made it through the England Netball Premier playoffs to earn a spot in Premier 3 next season.

Having won the Netball South West Regional 1 league for the past 2 seasons Exeter headed to University of Hull to battle it out with the other regional winners and the 3 teams finishing bottom of Premier 3. With 12 teams battling it out over 2 days and only 3 places available in Premier 3 it was a tough 2 days of competition for Exeter to prove their worth.

First game of the weekend was against Thoroughbreds who have previously been in Premier 2 and also attended play offs last year. Thoroughbreds had the better start and Exeter were slow out of the blocks which meant a 16 goal deficit early in quarter 2. With some changes, focus and determination to play out the full 60 minutes Exeter got themselves back in the game and closed the gap.  In the end Exeter were unlucky to lose by only 1 goal as Thoroughbreds scored with just 3 seconds on the clock. Taking the positives from the 2nd half Exeter were now in a must win game against Kent County who were fighting to retain their place in Premier 3. The first quarter was tight and finished with both teams level but a better start for Exeter compared to the previous game. Exeter began to build a lead in the 2nd quarter and then used the 3rd quarter to really push on and make sure the score line was firmly in their favour! Making the most of every centre pass and turnover they entered the last 15mins with a significant lead and were able to see out the rest of the game and take a 20 goal victory.

Day 2 started with a match against Tibberton Stars which Exeter needed to win to ensure a minimum of runner up in the group to make a final and have the chance to play for a place in Premier 3. Exeter made full use of their squad to inject some fresh legs into the team and again come away with a 20 goal win and the all important chance to take Exeter into the Premier league next season.

In the final Exeter faced Hi-Tech who were an unknown entity but had come through their pool as winners. In their best start to a game of the weekend Exeter leapt out to an 8 goal lead but knew they had to keep pushing on to ensure they got the win. With a lot of tired legs from a full weekend of netball Exeter stuck to task all game, winning every quarter and securing a 21 goal win and a place in Premier 3 to compete at a national level next season!

Exeter Netball Head Coach and University of Exeter Head of Netball Denise Ellis, commented “I am absolutely thrilled that Exeter Netball Club have achieved a place in the National Premier Division 3. Personally this is something I have been trying to achieve for many years as this is such good news for any netball players wishing to play in the EN National Premier Division in the South of our region. The partnership between the University has certainly assisted in us achieving this goal. Having now secured a place in this league we will hopefully attract netball players to both the club and university who wish to play at this level. The achievement of the squad has been second to none this season winning back to back titles in NSW Regional league 1. The Premier Play Offs are very hard and gaining promotion is testament to all the hard work and dedication of the players involved . They were determined to achieve this at the second time of asking and they did not disappoint. I am hugely proud of the whole squad and we are all looking forward to the challenge next season brings”.

University of Exeter Netball 1st team captain and Exeter Netball Club Regional 1 squad member Christina Shaw added “Prem play offs was a great competition for the Exeter Netball Club Regional 1 side and we all stepped up to the challenge. After such a tough pool, to win the final playoff match was a massive relief. Overall the season couldn’t have gone any better for our Regional 1st and 2nd teams and our University High Performance Squads. With the continued support from Denise, Exeter Netball has finally reached the national stage which is really exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing how all teams can progress in the upcoming seasons”.

Exeter Netball Regional 1 players 2018-2019 season

Christina Shaw
Rachel Fee
Sarah Bishton
Emily Porter
Alice Appleton
Immy Plumridge
Emma Bullough
Steph Goldman
Maddie Heywood
Nicky Savill
Sophie Ewin
Jade Richards
Rosie Andrews
Hannah Blackman
Hannah Barnes
Laura Butler
Lauren Wood
Sophie Orchard

Head Coach: Denise Ellis
Assistant Coach: Salli Byrne
Team Manager: Pam Barnes

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South West Goalden Globes 2019

Last Week the South West Regional Goalden Globe Award took place to celebrate all of the volunteers in netball. This year’s awards did not disappoint and the winners from 8 catergories received their honors on the first Friday evening event the South West had run. The Awards took place at the Mount Somerset Hotel, Taunton on Friday 26th April in front of 70 people, including Team Bath Players, the NSW President Denise May & EN President, Lindsay Sartori. Read more about the winners below:

Grassroots Coach Award: Alyssa Hadley

Alyssa dedication and knowledge of coaching has allowed her to become an integral part of Bodmin Netball Club, supporting and coaching all of the juniors providing coached session every week. Alyssa gives her time unconditionally to the club which has given so many opportunities to young girls.

Nominees:          Sian Robbins, Sharon Steward & Chantelle Cox

Grassroots Officials Award: Hazel Nicholls
Hazel gives so much time to umpiring and mentoring with club and county and her feedback is always useful. Her ability to motivate and to inspire individuals has seen more girls picking up a whistle and her husband to become her own personal scorer.  Her commitment to her development has continued with her passing her B Award Written in December.

Nominees:          Sarah Lewis

Mary Bulloch Administrator Award: Lin Oldham
Lin volunteers her time regularly updating the South West official’s database which allows umpires the opportunity to develop themselves. Lin supports the regional leagues by ensuring umpiring commitments are sent out, supporting private schools, the armed forces, universities and the super league franchises. The support and admin that she provides the region is highly valued even when she is all the way in Spain.

Nominees:          Karen Peaty, Mel Reynolds & Angela Prior

Muriel McNally Award: Jacqui Berry
As the founder of Bournemouth Netball Club, Jacqui has administrated the entire club, across the junior and senior sections. She can be found mentoring and supporting players doing their Duke of Edinburgh, coaching and umpiring qualifications. Jackie has adapted the already busy training sessions to include as many girls as possible so they can keep playing and develop love for the sport.

Nominees:          Linda Dyer

Teacher Award: Hayley McCalister
Hayley is a fantastic role model and an inspirational coach that gives up so much of her time to help and motivate a huge number of pupils play and enjoy netball. She is a superb netball coach and her teams are always well drilled and tactically astute. She has had a positive influence on girls and boys wanting to join in with the extra-curricular activities and ensuring that her own school students have the opportunities to take part in netball, fixtures, tournaments, and leadership opportunities.

Nominees:          Tina Delaney & Charlotte Haigh

Outstanding Netball Club: Bodmin Netball Club
Bodmin Netball club are a flourishing netball family who aspire for our members to enjoy netball and provide them with lots of opportunities.  We are highly active on social media promoting our club and raising the profile of netball. The community work sees the club support Bodmin Lions and Bodmin Rotary with community projects and host mixed netball tournaments to support other local charities. The dedicated team of volunteers generously give their time and energy into making the club so great.

Nominees:          Galmington Netball Club & Titans Netball Club

Unsung Hero Award: Christine Laker
Christine has been responsible for the growth of the Plymouth Junior League from 11 teams to 49 in recent years. Her administration and organisation have helped the League to run smoothly and provide opportunities for the young players in our City to access competitive netball on a regular basis. Christine consistently attends all and every junior events including tournaments, festivals and fixtures and gains little recognition for all the time she gives.

Nominees:          Nicky Curtis, Rhonda Robins, Vicki Wood, Helen Brunt, Madelaine Doyle

Young Volunteer Award: Isobel Farrel
Issy’s confidence for a young volunteer is outstanding, she had the confidence and presence of mind to step onto the regional management board comprising of older adults and has made a great contribution by ensuring the voice of young girls in the region is heard. Her connections and ability to organise an event saw the first Positive Mental Wellbeing workshop for  75 14 to 16 year olds which has been highly praised by all who attended.

Nominees:          Lois Norman, Lauren Knight, Libby Hill

Heather Crouch Award: Christine Laker


Netball South West would like to say a big thank you to Claire Carter from BBC Radio Somerset for hosting our event wonderfully, to The Mount Somerset Hotel for providing an excellent venue and also to Will Dax for taking the photos on the day. Finally, we would like to say congratulations to all of the winners and nominees and we wish all the winners the best of luck when they go forward to the National Goalden Globe Awards.


#wedNEWSday – U12 tournament proves to be a hit with young netballers!

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles. Make sure you check out our website each week to keep up to date and if you have a great story let us know using the details below!

On Sunday 28 April 15 U12 teams from across the South West competed at the 3rd U12 Regional Tournament in Paignton.

The 15 teams played in two round robin tournaments with some exciting games for all to watch.

The semi-finals saw 2 Devon teams go head to head, Teignbridge TTNC blue v Titans Meteor. Team Jets from Jersey played Gloucester Hucclecote in the other Semi-finals.

Team Jets and TTNC Blue were victorious in their respective semi-finals which saw them meet in the final.  TTNC were winners of the tournament with Team Jets coming as the runners up.

The Young Leaders from Dart Netball Club took control of the 4 court indoor venue, a special thank you  goes to them for all their support

Well done to all teams who competed.

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#wedNEWSday – Congratulations Teignbridge Titans

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles. Make sure you check out our website each week to keep up to date and if you have a great story let us know using the details below!

Teignbridge Titans Netball Club U14 Regional Netball team managed to secure a place at the National Finals play offs after a great season in the South West Regional League where they have now qualified. This is the 3rd successive year a team from our club has qualified!

The squad of 15 girls were crowned County Champions back in September after playing some amazing netball against some strong local competition. This secured their place in the South West Regional League. After playing six of the seven rounds, their results have guaranteed them a place in the top four, meaning they qualify for the National Play offs held at Exeter University on the 31st March. The clubs U16 Regional squad are also doing well in their regional league currently in 4th place with one round left to play, they are prepared to give a good performance to stay in contention.

It is the second consecutive time that an under 14 team from the club have reached the play offs and now all their efforts will be focused being one the teams that represent at the U14s National Finals later in the year. U14 Coach Tonia Prowse is understandably proud: “Our team have played brilliantly throughout the regional rounds and really deserve their place in the National Finals, we will be working hard to make that happen”.

Our u16s Lovell Aztecs came 3rd in play offs to a very strong Hucclecote & Bath Cougars. Our girls are all a year young, so bring on next year!

The U14 Regional Squad (left to right) in the above picture:

Back row – Holly Hutchings, Caitlin Fee, Olivia Swift, Millie Evans, Jess Bennett (Co-Capt), Emily Churchill (Co-Capt), Faye Kinsella, Harriet Newman.

Bottom Row- Tally Bartholomew, Hannah Blease, Amy Cornish, Tammy Godbeer, Frankie Lobb.

Not in photo – Keryn Holtor, Tullulah Belgeonne

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