#wedNEWSday – First Virtual Goalden Globes Round up

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles. 

On Friday night, we celebrated the very first Virtual South West Regional Goalden Globe Awards, after the original event in May was postponed due to the current pandemic. Myself (Laura Woodruff, SW Regional Coordinator) and the Regional Management Board spent time working out how would be best to celebrate all of the South West volunteers.

This year’s awards did not disappoint ­– we saw 93 volunteers including England Netball staff join us on Zoom to share laughter and tears, to celebrate the fabulous amount of hours and hard work that our volunteers put in. We recognised all the nominees across 8 categories, with the final award of the evening, the Heather Crouch Award, dedicated to one of the 8 winners.

The categories were announced by MC David White from BBC Radio Cornwall and featured videos from Fran Connolly, England Netball CEO; Team Bath players, Serena Guthrie, Eboni Usoro-Brown and Kim Commane; Severn Stars players, Jane Taylor, Chloe Carchrie and Paige Reed, and a wonderful surprise video from double Olympic champion, Helen Glover, and naturalist Steve Backshall.

Each award had at least 3 nominees and we heard lovely snippets about each nominee before the winner was announced. Read more about the winners below:

Grassroots Coach Award: Sarah Clark, East Devon

Sarah’s ability to think outside of the box is a great asset to her coaching, as she is able to provide feedback for athletes and encouraging players. Spending time reflecting on her coaching encourages her can-do attitude, which sets a great example to both peer coaches and athletes alike. Her love for coaching and the sport shine through, giving a great experience to keep teenage girls actively involved.

Nominees: Sharon Steward, Paula Isaacs, Rebecca Mitchell, Stacey Gilbert, Liz Banyard, Taryn Perkins, Lisa Birks, Karen Short & Kathryn Walker

Grassroots Officials Award: Danny Neill, Dorset

Danny provides opportunities for TTO and umpires across the South West and is always willing to support new umpires. His management and development of the Officiating Technical Support Group within Netball South West has seen a surge in courses, coordination of umpires and positive relationships with our franchises. He has been devoted to the game of netball for more than 20 years and always puts the needs of others above himself. Danny is the essence of what an official should be. 

Nominees:  Sarah Lewis, Caroline Cavanagh, Elizabeth Hall & Samantha Parker

Mary Bulloch Administrator Award: Heather Clemens, Cornwall

Over the past 5 years, Heather has always gone above and beyond her roles which have facilitated the smooth running of the club. Heather really is ‘club mum’, the go-to for a multitude of roles within the club but also for support for players. From funding, CAPS support and the prep talk she gives, she makes everything so much easier each time. Without Heather, the club would not have achieved financial security for their regional side.

Nominees: Sarah Lewis & Sarah Lapping

Muriel McNally Award: Lorraine Beel, East Devon

Since starting Titans Netball Club, Lorraine has made sure that the club runs effectively and efficiently for all members to enjoy netball. Over the past year, Lorraine has managed to increase the number of volunteers, provide more competition and have created a positive impact throughout the club. Lorraine is 100% committed to netball, always having a smile on her face even when she up till the early hours completing paperwork. Without Lorraine, Titans Netball Club would be nothing.

Nominees: Rebecca Squire, Danny Neill, Chrissie Brooks, Trish Warwick, Kelly Browne, Dawn Gardener, Mavis Thorpe, Natalie Roddy & Kelda Snell

Teacher Award: Louise Burgan, Dorset

Lou is passionate about sport, encouraging girls to try new positions/practices to help them be the best. Lou gives the girls the confidence to aim high and gives them the opportunities to play against teams of all levels, making sure they all receive significant match play and tournament experiences, and dedicating time outside of teaching hours to inspire the girls. Lou is a positive role model for the girls, and through her love of netball has seen them grow in confidence.

Nominees: Rebecca Divall & Nadia Edyvean

Outstanding Netball Club: Galmington Netball Club, Somerset

Galmington Netball Club is outstanding because of its commitment to developing and maintaining a positive, supportive, fair club culture. The community network support sees them donate contributions to various charities both locally and nationally. They have managed to build a wider volunteer base, which has allowed the club to continually develop with coaching, umpiring, playing and volunteering opportunities. Recognising worth and valuing volunteers, investing in personal development and operating in a culture that thanks individuals and rewards commitment is at the heart of the club, making sure that the future of netball at GNC is carried on.

Nominees:  Titans Netball Club

Unsung Hero Award: Jill Aldridge, Wiltshire

Jill at the age of 78 still manages, umpires, coaches and plays netball. She has dedicated 39 years of her life to netball and would still be coaching every night of the week if allowed! Jill is an inspiration to so many at the club and has expanded the management group at Croft, brought creativity and has supported numerous members in the community by volunteering in schools and providing the health and wellbeing benefits of netball. 

Nominees: Pat Lander, Sylvia Neill & Julie McClean

Young Volunteer Award: Abigail Humphrey

Abbie has enabled Bodmin Netball club to expand and develop the junior section due to her commitment to coaching, volunteering, and attending workshops, all alongside her studies. Abbie has worked alongside School Games Organisers to deliver netball in primary sessions and creating links to expand and develop the U12 section. Abbie always has a smile and is extremely encouraging towards players and participants.

Nominees: Ella Fraser-Smith, Amy Mortimer, Alice Clark, Georgina Goodwin, Charley Warren and Aimee Ellis.

Heather Crouch Award winner: Danny Neill!

We would like to say congratulations to all of the winners and nominees and we wish all the winners the best of luck when they go forward to the National Goalden Globe Awards that are taking place on the 10th December.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Goalden Globe page for the National award updates and news about next year awards (https://netballsouthwest.co.uk/make-the-game/votm/)

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#wedNEWSday – Lets Stay Connected

Welcome Back Fern!

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles. 

Whilst the nationwide return to netball has been put on pause for the moment, the South West Team has welcomed another team member back into the fold. Cornwall’s Netball Development Officer, Fern Noott, has returned from maternity leave and is eager to switch from nappy changing and weaning mode to all things netball development! 

“It’s been lovely to have had this past year to focus on being a new parent and to watch my little one grow. I feel incredibly lucky. I am really pleased to be back to work and I look forward to hopefully touching base with everyone soon!” says Fern. “My thanks go to Lucy Higgins for covering the role during my absence and to all of the wonderful volunteers for keeping netball going in whatever way they have been able to this past twelve months. It’s such an unusual and uncertain time at present but I can’t wait to do what I can to support the Cornwall Netball family in returning to court as and when the time is right” 

Please note, Fern continues to work part-time but her working days will now be Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings. 

Welcome back Fern, and a big thank you to Lucy who we’re pleased to say will be part of Team South-West for a little longer as she provides support to Somerset and Dorset! 

For any Cornwall related queries, please contact fern.noott@englandnetball.co.uk / 07540126593 

For any Dorset queries, please contact dorset@englandnetball.co.uk 

For any Somerset queries, please contact somerset@englandnetball.co.uk 

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Government lockdown and what this means for community netball

Following the Government announcement on Saturday 31 October, we are deeply disappointed to confirm that community netball will be suspended until the national lockdown, coming into affect on Thursday 5 November, is lifted. All community netball following the Return to Play roadmap is impacted including club activity, leagues, local pathway activity and all England Netball programmes including Back to Netball and Walking Netball. Activity operating as part of the elite sport framework is however permitted to continue.

The efforts of the Netball Family since the Government signed off our Return to Play plan in August have been inspiring. England Netball are immensely proud of the huge amount of care and attention the Netball Family has taken to ensure that the virus isn’t spreading through netball activity. We sincerely thank the committees and COVID-19 Officers who interpreted the guidance and developed risk mitigation plans, the coaches who’ve carefully planned sessions, the officials who have implemented the modifications, and every single player who has stepped back onto court. The opportunity to play even for a few short months will have meant even more after these difficult times for so many.

During this second lockdown, we will do everything we can to give the Netball Family what you love most; netball! Throughout the pandemic, the Virtual Netball Club (VNC) has continued to run exclusively for members so that you can keep fit, active and connected to our sport. Whilst the thought of another lockdown is going to be tough on so many, rest assured that we will do all we can to keep you entertained and engaged via this platform throughout this time. We will be running even more virtual netball sessions including fun junior sessions, exclusives with the Vitality Roses and much more. We’re kicking things off with a Bonfire Night extravaganza on Wednesday 4 November, plus keep your eyes peeled for upcoming VNC emails. The VNC is one of many great membership benefits, click here for more information.

We are currently anticipating a return to court in early December for community netball and whilst this is likely to be under the tiered system, this won’t keep us away for long. We will continue to update the website and Care Package as we know more, communicate with COVID Officers and run forums to support netball organisations and COVID Officers, coaches and officials.

We thank you for supporting netball through these challenging times. We are so grateful to have you on the team and will continue to do all that we can to support you, entertain you, and fight for you – and the sport – during the pandemic, and beyond. When we can return, this time we already know which facilities are available, risk assessments and mitigation plans are written and players know what they are doing. So, we will be back on court in no time. We will always have each other, and together, we will ensure netball will #RiseAgain.

#wedNEWSday – Gloucestershire diversify during difficult times

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles

Now that the latest restrictions sadly do not allow senior leagues to play indoors, Gloucestershire Netball were keen to offer some form of competition for under 18s who are allowed to play indoors.

Resultantly, the 16 – 18 year old league has been created with the first fixture scheduled for 7th November.  The league will be in addition to the junior leagues that are run on Sundays for the under 16 age groups, and thus far six teams have confirmed their place, with many more making enquiries. 

Players need to be EN members and will have qualified umpires for all matches. The matches will be friendly (to be played to the modified rules) and the Restart Guidance fully adhered to.

Les Thomas, Netball South West Competition & Events Lead, has also set up a similar structure at regional level. The region has been divided into the north, south and mid, and 19 teams have entered the new league for 16 – 18 year olds. 

Good luck to all of those involved and enjoy playing in the warm – us adults aren’t jealous at all!

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#wedNEWSday – Youth Working Group recruitment

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles.

For weeks #wedNEWSday story we caught up with Issy, who is the Youth Lead on the Netball South West Regional Management Board. Issy is currently at university and is looking to create a Youth Working Group.

Issy said ‘Within my role at Netball South West, I have been looking to develop my role as Youth Representative, creating a team of committed and enthusiastic volunteers from across the region to support me in developing new ideas.

The youth group is going to be an extension from the board to really help understand what counties need in order to sustain our youth membership and how we can engage with more girls in providing the best possible netball experience.

Previously we have ran 2 Mental Wellbeing Workshops, a charity tournament along with the Goalden Globes and working with our local franchises. After the craziness of 2020 I think we have the opportunity to create even more opportunities within our communities to be able to sustain participation and support our young members.

Working with the board and some really remarkable individuals within my role has shown the impact that the board can have and I want to find young individuals who want to make a change in netball and have innovative ideas on how we can do this!’

The application form can be found on our website here and will remain there until the closing date on the 26th October. If you have any questions about the process or the role, please email Youth@netballsouthwest.co.uk

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Updated Restart and Competition guidance issued and clarification on multiple groups indoors

On Thursday 24 September, we shared the latest Government changes that netball organisations would have to adhere to (shown here). We’d like to thank all netball organisations that changed their plans so quickly to still enable netball to happen over the weekend.

England Netball – Netball Connected Picture: Chris Vaughan Photography for Born Agency Date: March 19, 2019

We have now updated the Restart Guidance to reflect the most recent changes and version 2 is now available here. COVID-19 Officers are being directly contacted and we will be running forums next week which are open to representatives from clubs and leagues to further enhance understanding of the most recent changes.

Competition guidance has also been updated and is now available here. There are also hints and tips for league organisers to consider.

Within the Restart Guidance, further clarification on the rule of six is explained. Whether indoors or outdoors, the maximum number allowed per court remains at 30 including coaches and officials. If indoors, for 18 year olds and over, the group must be organised in discrete groups of six. Bubbles of six should not mix within the training session and there must be sufficient space to ensure bubbles do not come into close contact with one another. Coaches must maintain social distancing and not mix cross bubble. Competitive, seven-a-side matches are still not permitted indoors as this breaches the rule of six.

Other changes to highlight include:

  • 18 year olds playing netball for the purpose of education, such as curriculum sport or playing for schools teams have been added to the exemption list. However in a community setting, once 18, they must adhere to the rule of six.
  • It is no longer mandatory for match officials, first aiders and coaches to wear face coverings indoors, during activity. However, wearing face coverings is encouraged where possible and practical.

Our FAQs have now been updated to reflect the recent Government changes and are available here.

Thanks again to all those enabling netballers across the country to get on court, you are the netball heroes of 2020!

#wedNEWSday – 2009 – 2020, Celebration of Karen

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles.

Tomorrow, one of the South West longest serving staff members will be leaving us after over a decade with England Netball. Karen Peaty, Dorset Netball Development Officer is moving onto ‘pastures new’, now seems a great time for Karen to reflect a little on what netball has meant to her over many, (many 🙂 ), years.

We caught up with Karen as she reflected on her time in Netball.

‘Like lots of us I’m sure, my first experience of netball was at school when I was about 11.  Once I moved to middle school I was always the one given the WD bib.  This is something I now take as a compliment – the most underrated, unappreciated and under-celebrated position right?   (I’m not convinced that was the reason at the time though :)).

Once my daughters were older I decided to help out as a volunteer at their local club and soon after took my L2 coaching and C award umpiring qualifications.

Apart from a few rule changes the game is pretty much the same as I remember when playing on the primary school court.  I certainly still enjoy it now, just as much as I did then.

I remember my first day at England Netball, as Dorset NDO, in 2009.  I turned up at the Partnership Development Managers office, and spent most of the week with a huge paper map of Dorset in front of me. Plotting where all the Netball was taking place and just trying to work out what it all looked like.  I’m pretty sure now that many would choose to do this with a laptop in front of them but at the time, paper was my preferred method of working.  I guess this is one of the things that has changed the most over the years. (This sounds like I am very old I have just realised).

The first few months were spent meeting up with key partners and volunteers.  It was great to be talking ‘netball’, my passion, literally all day, every day!

To narrow down to just a few memorable netball moments from over the years is tricky.  There have been so many. However, perhaps being able to take to the court with my daughters, other family members and friends has been up towards the top of that huge list!  As far as my NDO role goes, every event and programme, from the planning to the day, is an achievement and it’s always so lovely to receive positive comments afterwards.  So many proud moments. Even when things don’t go so well, (and there’s been a few), it’s always good to be learning for the next one.

I have been very privileged to work with so many amazing people over the last 11 years.  Netball is so very lucky to have such a large volunteering workforce.  All with the passion, dedication and commitment to netball in common.  For those who I’ve had the pleasure to work with, I couldn’t possibly begin to name you all individually but this comes with a huge THANK YOU to every one of you!

As I move on to new challenges, I know I will miss all the ‘teams’ I have worked in and with.  A special shout out to Team South West and South and also Netball Dorset as the county netball association – you have all been amazing and it’s been so lovely to be a part of it all!

I hope to very much remain part of the netball family as a club volunteer and still would love to be assessing coaching courses and helping run Bee Netball and Walking Netball workshops.  I’m certainly not going too far and look forward to seeing many of you on a court very soon!’

Thank you Karen for reflecting on your time with England Netball. You will be sorely missed but we are so happy that you are staying as part of the netball family.

For any Dorset related queries, please email Dorset@englandnetball.co.uk

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#wedNEWSDay – Congratulations to Netball South West

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles.

Netball South West is able to confirm that it is now 100% compliant for Tier 1 of the Code for Sports Governance.

Sport England created the Code to provide a standard which they recommend all sporting associations meet. Tier 1 is the first level and consists of a set of requirements that sporting organisations need to meet.

England Netball provided resources and support to help County and Regional volunteers complete a governance health check and work towards compliance. These volunteers, elected their members to lead the sport locally are responsible for the effective running of local netball organisations. This means each board is responsible for ensuring they have the right structure, people, finances, policies and procedures in place to deliver netball locally.

Karen Jones, chair of Netball South West said ‘The volunteers on the Regional Management Board have worked hard over the last 12 months and we are pleased to be fully compliant with the Code’s requirements. It’s been a really worthwhile journey and will ensure we’re well placed moving forwards’.

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#wedNEWSday – Show your membership support

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles.

Over the last few months, the thought of getting back on court was at the forefront of the Netball Family’s mind. Amazingly we can now start to play again through the modified version of the game but while netball was absent there have been other ways that people have shown their love and passion for the sport.

Since England Netball launched its #RiseAgain campaign, more than 50,000 of you have pledged your membership to England Netball, your region and county to help the sport get back on court. Some of the responses we’ve had from players, umpires, parents, the Vitality Roses, have made us feel proud of everyone involved in this sport, again and again.

Do you know what your membership to the South West gets you? Listen to the Karen Jones, Chair of Netball South West explaining the benefits of being a member of the region on our facebook page.

If you weren’t aware, England Netball asked for those who choose to pay  the  full  membership fee between 3 August and 30 September 2020, they want to say  thank you  in a unique way; by printing your name on the court for the next Vitality Roses home international series  to proudly show all of the names of those members who came together to help netball  #RiseAgain. 

However, we recognise that some members of our  Netball  Family have also suffered financial hardship this year, so for that reason, we want to offer an  optional  30% discount*  (payable against the national element of  membership)  to those who need it, to ensure everyone who  wants to, can enjoy our sport.  If you choose to,  simply  use code RISE2020 before 30 September 2020  at checkout, in the promotional code field. If you haven’t already, there is only 2 weeks left to use this code so make sure you don’t miss out.

If you have any issues with your membership, please do not hesitate to contact the regional office on southwest@englandnetball.co.uk

If you have a good news story that you would like to share please send your story and a picture to Laura Woodruff (southwest@englandnetball.co.uk)

#wedNEWSday – Welcome back Rachel!

Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles.

As netball starts to return, we’ve been super happy to welcome back lots of things that bring us joy… A return to a modified version of the game, a return to being able to throw a ball around… and the return of one of our team members! This week, the South West Team have welcomed back Gloucestershire Netball Development Officer, Rachel Bussey, from furlough.

When workplaces and schools closed, and we all went into the original lockdown period, Rachel had the almost impossible task of working from home and looking after her two small (adorable but very time-consuming!) children. Being able to be furloughed helped her with the very tricky juggling act but we’re very happy to say that, since schools have reopened, Rachel is back with us and raring to go to support Gloucestershire.

“It’s great being back working again… I’m only on day three but already feel like I haven’t been away!” says Rachel. “It’s an exciting time to get back in the saddle as we edge ever closer to returning fully to court. My thanks go to Kerry Brooks, Avon & Wiltshire’s Netball Development Officer, for covering Gloucestershire during my absence.”

Welcome back Rachel, and a big well done to Kerry too. Team South-West is back together!

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