Each week we bring you a good news story from the South West, and this week is no different – although we are a day late (sorry, technical difficulties beat us yesterday!). Make sure you check back every wedNEWSday for another great netballing story.

South African team on tour

Avon based Imperial and TJ Sacarcens Junior Netball Clubs welcomed South African based Riebeek to Bristol last month as part of a wider tour that saw them visit and play teams from Bath, Bristol and London.

Each player from Riebeek had been specially selected to go on tour to England for a week and Imperial and TJ Saracens were delighted to play them in a mini tournament as part of the Bristol leg of their tour.

The playing standard across the tournament was very high and the young local players were thrilled to get the opportunity to play a team from overseas

Bianca Hill from Imperial said “It was a pleasure to be asked to play against them and we hope our paths cross again one day soon.”

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