Due to increased interest in regional league netball in the south of our region, we are expanding Regional League Division 3 to include two parallel sub-divisions, one each for the north and south.

RL3 North is made up of the teams who are currently in RL3 and are drawn from WIlts, Glos, Avon and Dorset. After the usual promotion and relegation it now includes Team Bath Tigers who won the RL3 North entry play-offs on 21 May in Bristol.

The top two teams from the southern counties have been invited to make up the new RL3 South division. Teams from Somerset (Tor Knights and Sydenham Gems), Cornwall (Saints and Storm), East Devon (Exeter and Titans) and West Devon (Holiday Inn Plymouth and Plymstock) have all accepted this invitation to be part of the new structure.

The remaining two places in RL3 South will be taken from the three teams who will be competing in the play-offs on Sunday 2nd July at University of Exeter Sports Park (10:00 till 14:00).

Vivary (Somerset), Penzance (Cornwall) and Teignbridge Titans (East Devon) all came third in their counties and are keen to take part in the new division next season which starts in September.