After 34 years, Wiltshire based Trudie Procter has begun to pack her bag (and netball trainers) for a new life in France.

To mark this occasion and in honour of her dedication and commitment to netball for over three decades, her daughter is arranging a Charity Fun Farewell Netball Tournament. Trudie doesn’t like parties or boozing but agreed a tournament would be right up her street.  The Tournament is gathering pace because Trudie is a very well-known and respected umpire, coach and player – 17 senior teams are already signed up! Trudie is passionate about the proceeds going to local charities so she has chosen Julia’s House (a children’s hospice in our local town) and our local Air Ambulance, with the cake stall proceeds going to a cancer charity.

Trudie didn’t play netball at Primary School because she was a tom boy and preferred playing football with the boys but when she was asked to play GK at Senior School (and knowing this position existed in football), Trudie agreed to have a go. Trudie soon realised that GK didn’t offer her enough movement so moved out to GD and in 1984 joined Devizes Netball Club. Trudie then had an accidental season at WA and rather enjoyed attacking which found her moving to Centre where at the age of 55+ still plays full matches in the local league at this position. Since then she has become a C Award umpire and a UKCC level two coach.

Trudie has found coaching at her beloved village primary school her most rewarding achievement. Coaching the U11’s at All Cannings Primary School for many years and inspiring a new team each year as the children moved on and through to Senior School. The junior school netball team is a force to be reckoned with each year and Trudie has had many County Final successes.  Trudie also coaches the Under 11’s at Devizes Netball Club and for many years ran the Junior League in the area. Trudie coaches the lower half of the Devizes Netball Club Teams and is adored by everyone at her sessions.

Trudie has loved all the teams she has played with at Devizes and her heart is currently with Devizes Falcons (Moonraker League).  Trudie is also a founder member of our Devizes TOGs Team (aka Trudies Old Girls) and we form usually for our summer league and tournaments when we can get together, the rule being that the team members are over 30 (with a few exceptions)! Trudie is also a member of a joint club Saturday morning Team (Moonies) playing in the Swindon League.

Trudie is still giving up her Tuesday and Thursday evenings to umpire at the Moonraker League games (the league in which she plays) and thoroughly loves umpiring all levels from the low divisions up to the Prem level division. Trudie is a hugely respected umpire and always gives up more of her precious time to mentor young umpires. Trudie was until recently Devizes NC Club secretary for 25 plus years, as well as Umpiring Secretary for the Moonraker League (and Moonraker League Secretary for some years too!).

We are sure you will agree that Trudie deserves a great send off after her outstanding contribution to netball in our a county – she is already planning on how she can take netball to France!


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