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Unfortunately due to some major IT issues we, along with the whole of England Netball, have been unable to access our work emails, folders or the internet (for some parts) over the last couple of weeks. This means that we have missed 2 wedNEWSday’s but hopefully we will make it up with a great story this week! We do apologise for not posting anything and not replying to any emails that you may have sent. If you are still waiting for a reply to an email from any of the team please just resend it to us as we may never have actually received it!

This week’s good news story is about how Walking Netball has changed one person’s perception on sport as a whole! Each wedNEWSday we will bring you a great netball story from across the whole of the South West so make sure you check back each week for your netballing good news fix!

 How I overcame my allergy to sport

“Until recently I had a total aversion to sport, both playing and watching it. Memories of numb fingers and freezing bare legs on the school hockey pitch, added to the shame of always being last to be picked for netball, put me off it for life. Once I left school I never felt the urge to participate in sport again and, at the age of 53, I didn’t imagine that l ever would. All that changed recently when I discovered Walking Netball. I was persuaded into giving it a go by some friends but thought I would hate it as much as I did at school but now I’m an addict and try never to miss a session.

You don’t need to know anything about netball before you attend, all levels of fitness and expertise are catered for, and all ages and sizes are welcomed (I write as someone who is definitely built for comfort, not for speed!). The age range of the group so far ranges from 20s to 70s with a collective objective to get a bit fitter and have some fun. It’s also very sociable and you’re welcome to stick around for a cup of tea or coffee afterwards. First session is free and then it costs £3.50 per session. It takes place at 5pm on Tuesday evening at Crewkerne Sports Centre (Wadham School) and a Wednesday night session is planned for Chard starting at 6pm (start date to be confirmed). So any ladies out there looking for a new way to get fit or meet new people, why not give it a go – you might surprise yourselves!”

A huge thank you to Charlotte Revely, who kindly shared her story of how Walking Netball has changed her views on netball and sport. If you would like to attend either of the sessions mentioned above, or across Somerset, and start feeling the benefits of Walking Netball alongside Charlotte please contact Amy Wiltshire, Somerset Netball Development Officer (amy.wiltshire@englandnetball.co.uk), for more information.

If you have a good news story that you would like to share as part of wedNEWSday send your story and a picture to Rachel Bussey (rachel.bussey@englandnetball.co.uk)