After an exciting netball season TTNC finished winners of the Netball South West Under 14 division 1 league.

They joined runners up Poole A, third place West Exe and fourth placed Bath Cougars in the Regional play offs at Paignton on Sunday 22nd April.

The games were so competitive and there was some brilliant netball on display.  It was West Exe who won the day, beating Poole 18-15, TTNC 23-20 and Cougars 24-19. The last game was Poole and TTNC who were drawn on points.  This proved to be the most exciting match of the day with Poole driving ahead in the first quarter but TTNC fighting back all the way closing to 21-21 as the whistle for time blew.  So a goal average decided the second team to go through to National Finals and it was TTNC who took it by the narrowest of margins.

What a brilliant day of netball and good luck to both West Exe and TTNC who will represent NSW at National Finals in Northumbria University on 26th/27th May.

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