Three intrepid South West Volunteers are heading off to Kenya and Uganda this summer with the Netball Development Trust (NDT). They will spend three weeks in the countries, coaching over 1000 school children and supporting sexual health lessons and menstrual health lessons. The NDT Volunteers will also be handing out donated kit and sanitary products to schools. The volunteers heading out from the South West are Jenny Kelly- coach and the Devon NDO, Lili John- walking netball host from Totnes, Katrina Venner -teacher, coach and umpire from North Devon.

If you would like to find out more about the Trust’s work please see  Twitter @netballtrust

Picture above taken at a recent tour meeting left to right – Monica Thandi (NDT founder and trustee) Suphena (NDT Volunteer) , Hayley (NDT Volunteer), Jenny Kelly (Devon NDO), Lili John (Totnes Walking Netball host), Julie Smith (NDT founder and trustee)

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