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We know that there are a lot of individuals who have fallen in love with netball since participating in Walking Netball. Penny Pearkes is no different.

Penny is a Walking Netball participant from Devon and our Netball Development Officer, Jenny Kelly caught up with her about her experience of playing netball for the FIRST time, having been talked into attending a session by a relative in September 2018.

‘I’d never played netball at school, but took up Walking Netball at the age of 61 and even had the confidence to play in a Netball Festival in Plymouth within a few months. I find going to the gym on my own rather dull and lonely. This is a fun way of getting exercise within a group in a relaxed, happy atmosphere.  You can take a rest if you are getting tired and no one minds.  We always have a chat over a cuppa afterwards.  We are all ages, sizes and abilities.  The time goes really quickly and you feel great for having made the effort to exercise.  In fact, whilst enjoying learning the skills of this sport I completely forget about my arthritic knees as I am concentrating so much on getting free to catch the ball and pass it on to my team mates.  I am on the move for a whole hour and feel I could do more.  So much so, I have signed up for 2 more classes a week.  Some might say I have become addicted!’

If you are inspired by Penny’s story and would like to try Walking Netball, please find your nearest session here: https://www.englandnetball.co.uk/netball-sessions/ or you can contact your local Netball Development Officer. All their contact details can be found here: https://netballsouthwest.co.uk/in-my-county/


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