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As the selectors stow their clipboards and the training bibs are sent to the wash, Galmington Netball Club (GNC) pause to reflect on the enormity of what has just happened.

GNC has celebrated its 50th Birthday this September.  The club (based in Taunton, Somerset) boasts a thriving High 5 and Junior section as well as senior teams representing the club in all 4 of Somerset’s competitive leagues and a further three teams in South West Regional League 1, 2 and 3.

When GNC began to publicise its first ever whole club open night back in February of this year, nobody dared to imagine that it would take place mere days after our English Roses made history, clinching the Common Wealth Games gold medal.

It was clear early on that England’s best had inspired a nation as GNC welcomed 55 new players through its doors that breezy evening in April.  The CWG gold was on everyone’s lips that night – sharing stories of ‘that last goal’ and ‘can you believe it’. The buzz was palpable and it was infectious!

Fast-forward to the present day and GNC had a mind-blowing selection period in the dawn of the 2018/19 season.  An unprecedented number of players donned their trainers and hit the court to compete for a place in one of GNC’s seven senior league teams.

Amongst the 35 new trialists were players taking the step from social to club netball; players who had been part of GNC as school girls but had decided to get back in to the game, and; those who had moved from other club’s in search of regional league opportunities.

When asked ‘why now?’ and ‘why netball?’ it was clear that the love of our great game is spreading far and wide, from grass roots level and beyond.  New players talked about the success of our national side and the opportunity to access competitive and/or friendly netball locally as factors that contributed to their decision to join a club.

2018/19 will mark a huge leap forward for GNC as it enters an additional two teams in to The Somerset League as well as a further two social league sides, taking their total number of senior teams up to 11!  GNC continues to get a steady stream of new players so much so we’re wondering where we are going to put them all!

Furthermore, in a bid to accommodate everyone and get even more women involved in our great game, GNC launched it’s very own Back to Netball session in September. B2N is thriving with a core group coming to training to each week and finding their way in competitive fixtures in the local friendly league – getting so many new women active in netball week after week is something we’re very proud of.

We’ve retained all of our new joiners who trialed at the start of the season and with mid-season trials taking place tonight we know of at least 10 new women coming to join us on court! Netball is going crazy!

GNC has tipped the 230 members mark! That’s 230 girls, women & volunteers actively involved in netball each week. Netball is taking the country by storm just now and the South West, Somerset and Galmington Netball Club couldn’t be happier! Thank you England’s Roses!!!

Written by Abbie Barker, GNC.

For more information on Galmington Netball Club contact galmingtonnetball@gmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/GalmingtonNetballClub/?ref=br_rs

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