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Walking back to recovery

Wiltshire based Rose Mortimer is 83 years old and has been a regular attendee at several Swindon based Walking Netball sessions for over a year.

Back in September 2017, Rose had to have surgery to replace her left shoulder joint meaning she had to take a short break from her netballing activities. Remarkably, less than a month after surgery she made her return to the court at a Walking Netball session she regularly attends at Croft Sports Centre! With her left arm in a sling, Rose took part in the warm up and some of the basic drills i.e. those that she could do with only her right hand and was delighted to be back with the other ladies she has become firm friends with.

Mid November, just eight weeks after her surgery, Rose arrived to the session without the sling and played a full part in the Walking Netball session – she even scored the winning goal in a closely contested game of noughts and crosses by using both hands and a very measured underarm shot! It was definitely not a fluke as she’s since scored several more goals like this.

Rose (far left) with the Croft Walking Netball group

Walking Netball has provided Rose an opportunity to stay fit and active during her recovery from surgery and the Walking Netball hosts and fellow players have done a great job of adapting the sessions to ensure she can take part.

Rose continues to play (& score goals!) at Walking Netball sessions on Thursdays and Sundays in Swindon. To find your local netball session wherever you are in the region, please click here.

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