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Tomorrow sees the start of the 2018 School Games at Loughborough University where Netball will make its first appearance. At this year’s School Games, 48 games will be played, which is 1,536 minutes of netball for our junior teams to get stuck into.

The event is made up of 12 teams from representation from the Netball Super league teams around the County and even Netball Scotland & Netball Northern Ireland. The games will last over 3 days and will feature 4 stages. All the details for the school games can be found here: https://www.schoolgamesfinals.org/sports/netball/

The two teams that will representing the South West have been announced. Team Bath 12 strong squad is as follows:

  • Rosie Barlett (Cornwall)
  • Isla May (Somerset)
  • Fabienne Bull (Cornwall)
  • Giselle Burnett (Dorset)
  • Daisy Collett (Avon)
  • Emily Cridland (Dorset)
  • Bethany Gummow (Cornwall)
  • Mya Hounsell (Somerset)
  • Maya Lane (Avon)
  • India Monllor (Avon)
  • Mahala Prince Jones
  • Charlotte Steer (East Devon)

They will be headed up by the Team Bath Netball Futures Pathway Coach Lois Rideout.

The Severn Stars squad is made up of 12 girls who have a vast range of experiences below:

  • Nadine Baird (Gloucestershire)
  • Isabelle Eaton
  • Ellie Gabriel (Gloucestershire)
  • Hannah Howl
  • Lily Jones (Jersey)
  • Mia Mathewson
  • Madeleine Mcleod
  • Katie Pauling (Gloucestershire)
  • Halee Robinson
  • Rudee Robinson
  • Emily Seymour-Perry
  • Georgina Thorp

Louisa-Jayne Walker is heading to the event as the Team Manager with the Severn Stars U15s.

Keep up to date with the latest scores on the School Games social media.

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