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England Netball’s Club Action Planning Scheme, otherwise and more commonly known as CAPS, is a scheme devised to help netball clubs function in the most efficient way, with least long-term hassle. It is directly linked to Sport England’s Clubmark scheme and it’s all about good practice in the development of players, coaches and umpires at all levels.

Why is CAPS good for your club?

CAPS is a fantastic club development tool which enables you to develop a wide range of areas within your club. Working towards CAPS helps you to:

  • Increase your membership numbers and retain them in the club
  • Ensure you have the right amount of duty of care, adopting good practice for your young members
  • Addresses important aspects of the club management
  • Develop coaches, umpires and volunteers
  • Develop links with local schools in your community
  • Raise the profile of your club
  • Finally, it asks you to plan how you want to improve your club and help delegate those actions

CAPS has three levels of accreditation: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

How does my club register?

We are currently fully considering the future of club recognition and celebration in line with the Adventure Strategy.

Many elements of a CAPS accreditation are now deemed to be essential aspects of any club’s operations and are outlined within our Recognised and Authorised activity guidance*.

*the centrally arranged programme of insurance covers recognised and authorised netball activities that meet minimum operating standards subject to the terms, conditions, provisions, and exceptions of the policy.

For all England Netball national competitions in the 2022/2023 season, we will be removing the regulation that requires clubs to have, or be working, towards a CAPS accreditation.  

England Netball membership will continue to be required. This means that EN policies, procedures and membership regulations will remain applicable for all clubs.

We recommend that clubs check the Recognised and Authorised Activity Guidance. To help bring this to life, we have created Start of Season checklists specifically for Clubs and Competition Organisers that can be found within the member exclusive Care Package.

For more support be sure to check out the CAPS resources and downloads.

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