Coaches play a crucial role in netball and have significant influence on the participants they coach, helping them to reach their full potential. They are responsible for training athletes and providing them with the skills and competencies necessary through structured, enjoyable and safe practices.

As the coach is responsible for guiding and mentoring athletes, the responsibilities of this role can vary significantly. The roles a coach will and can undertake are inclusive of Instructor, Assessor, Mentor, Demonstrator, Advisor, Friend, Motivator and Counsellor – the list is endless and does not stop there.

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What is UKCC?

England Netball’s structure of coaching courses is established under the United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC), which is an endorsement of sports specific coach education and, is about supporting Our Great Game and making coaching better.

The Netball UKCC at Levels 1, 2 and 3 are recognised qualifications that will sit on the Qualifications Credit Framework and will be comparable with other qualifications – benefits of being part of the UKCC framework are:

  • The qualifications will meet the UKCC endorsed quality standard
  • The qualifications have been designed to meet the needs of our coaches and vitally our players at the appropriate level
  • The length of the courses are appropriate to ensure we train our coaches effectively and offer better support
  • Assessments have been integrated into the courses where appropriate to meet the needs our coaches
  • The coach tutors, assessors and verifiers are fully trained and accredited to deliver the best quality course and learning environment
  • A clearer coach pathway with increased opportunities for personal and career development
  • Provides a benchmark for employers and deployers
  • Supports coaches to develop ‘core’ coaching skills to support their players