You will likely now be aware all netball activity is currently suspended considering the current lockdown put in place by the Government ( Behind the scenes, England Netball are working hard to make sure coaching course progress. As soon as we have more information, we will update this page.

England Netball provides the following Courses:

England Netball Level 1 Coaching Course

This provides learners with an introduction to coaching the game and working with different ages of players. This course consists of 3 virtual sessions of 2 ½ hours and a professional discussion of 1 hour. More information on this course and how to book can be found here:

England Netball Level 2 Coaching Course

This course is perfect for those who have been an active coach in netball for a minimum of 2 years or have a level 1 in Coaching Netball. The course consists of a mixture of virtual and face to face delivery. More information on this course and to find a course available near you can be found here:

*New level 2 courses are currently on hold until face to face delivery can take place*

England Netball CPD Workshops

These practical coaching workshops are aimed at providing club coaches and teachers who are regularly leading sessions with extra knowledge and experiences. A least of the CPD workshops that are available can be found here:

*The CPD workshops are currently on hold until face to face delivery can take place*

Alternatively, England Netball have an online workshop which aims to equip coaches with the knowledge and understanding of game sense and its key principles. You can find out more about the workshop here: