Netball has changed markedly over recent years and with the increased speed, athleticism and skill levels of the players, has come an increased level of physical contest that presents challenges for umpires and other officials.

An umpire’s role is to facilitate a flowing, enjoyable game for all participants, including players, coaches, administrators, spectators and other officials. The approach that umpires take into each game plays a large part in the success of the game for all. To continue the progress of netball umpires must, along with all facets of the game, develop and push boundaries.

Education and Training

The Education and Training group aims to deliver a number of B Award Umpire courses, B Award Umpire practical assessments and Match Bench Officials courses each season. The group also hopes to work with counties to establish local Talented Young Umpire and Talented Umpire Programmes for umpires working towards the regional programme and work with potential mentors in these counties by initially running umpire mentor workshops across the region.

Into Officiating Course:

The Into Officiating Course is the first step on the officiating pathway. It will help you to understand the basic rules of the game, as well as cover some of the basic positioning and movement required to enable you to ‘whistle well’ whilst being an umpire. Use our Course Finder to find a course near you.

C Award Umpire Course:

This course is the next step on the umpire pathway for those holders of the Into Officiating Award. It’s perfect for those of you aspiring to umpire at a higher level within your County. The course builds on the knowledge you learnt on your Into Officiating course and introduces the basics of Contact/Contest and Advantage. Use our Course Finder to find a course near you.

B Award Umpire Course:

The B Award course is designed for those umpires who wish to take the next step on the umpire pathway and officiate matches at a regional level. The course is perfect for those that have gained the C Award and are officiating at grassroots level with aspirations to umpire at a higher level. Use our Course Finder to find a course near you.

If you need more information, please contact Sarah Lewis (Chair of the Officiating Technical Support Group).