Officials requirements

The requirements for Regional League officials are set out within the Rules and Regulations, of which each participating team hold a copy.

As an official, should you have any questions, queries or issues you need to raise please contact Danny Neill.


Each home team shall supply two neutral umpires for each fixture, or alternatively one umpire if the away team wishes to supply the other. Regional League umpires must:

  • Hold a suitable Netball Europe Umpiring Award for the division in which they are umpiring. The minimum requirements are:
Regional League 1 Regional League 2 Regional League 3
B award B award, or C award if approved by county umpiring secretary
  • Not have an affilation to either team, and act neutrally
  • Be able to reach the minimum requirement of 5.1 of the Multi Stage Fitness Test which must be documented and forwarded to Danny Neill prior to performing any umpiring duties
  • Perform a pre-match check before each fixture, following the Umpire Pre Match Check List

Match Bench Officials

Each team shall supply scorers and timekeepers for all fixtures. All four officials shall sit together in a location directed by the umpires which will constitute the Official Bench. It is also the responsibility of the Official Bench to ensure the score card is fully completed after the fixture has been played, i.e. player quarters indicated, signatures acquired, score recorded, etc.