The aim of this course is to prepare umpires with knowledge of rules and umpires competencies/protocols to umpire at both junior/youth and adult club level.

Learning outcomes

  • To be able to apply the rules and control the game by:
    • Penalising correctly obvious infringements of the rules
    • Correct use of the whistle, voice and terminology
    • Positioning and movement
    • Appearance and manner
    • Keep a correct score card and call the score
  • To identify the requirements for the C Award to include competencies
  • To prepare candidates for the assessment

Course details

Numbers Minimum of 14 and Maximum of 20 learners
Duration 6 hours with adequate refreshment breaks (Either 1 x 6 hours or 2 x 3 hour sessions)
Facility requirements Indoor Netball Court with sufficient space, classroom and a flipchart
Learner requirements Must be at least 14 years old, affiliated to England Netball and have umpiring experience at league or England Netball Beginner Award level