The South West Regional Goalden Globe Awards and Team Bath Netball End of Season Awards were held at Somerset County Cricket Club on Sunday 22nd May to celebrate the hard work and contribution of coaches, umpires, administrators and all other volunteers across the region. We were also lucky enough to celebrate the achievements of the Team Bath Superleague and NPL  squads. Over 150 people came to celebrate and reward the hard work and dedication of our wonderful volunteers across the region and to celebrate the successes of Team Bath. On top of this we raised a very impressive £270 for the Carly Taylor trust.

Please see the results and nominees for each award below:

Grassroots Coach Award                                            

Winner: Tracy Watt

Clubs are always after Tracy’s coaching expertise. She provides advice to coaches & players alike and is totally dedicated to providing young netballers an opportunity to play.  Tracy has the ability to coach players of all ages and abilities and can always be relied upon to help.

Nominees: Angela Rimmer, Vicky Innes, Jan Lawes


Grassroots Officials Award                                         

Winner: Sarah Weston

Sarah is a lead umpire, tutor, tester and mentor for Avon. She was instrumental in creating the Avon umpire working group, has also set up a mentoring network and started an umpire forum to allow umpires to support each other.

Nominees: Lorraine Beel, Linda Mancini, Sharon Curtis


Mary Bulloch Administrator Award                           

Winner: Linda Dyer

Everything Linda is involved with is a huge success. This year Linda has implemented three U13 state school Festivals and has been responsible for enabling closer links with Team Bath. She is very passionate about Netball and always wants what’s best for all those involved.

Nominees: Sophie Kelly, Laura Veal


Muriel McNally Award                                                   

Winner: Hollie Wright

Hollie was pivotal in securing the future of the Yeovil Netball Club junior section. Her work has led to a consistent rise in player numbers. This, together with her push to increase the number of coaches and the quality of coaching, has led to more children in the Yeovil area gaining Hollie’s passion for netball.

Nominees: Pat Salter, Linda Dyer, Lorraine Beel, Kathy Bunney, Sue Anderson


Outstanding Club Award                                              

Winner: Hucclecote Netball Club

Hucclecote NC are all about giving back. They have created multiple opportunities for members and support the wider community and schools.  They have also built an International link with Bahrain NC. This is all on top of an extremely successful playing season.

Nominees: Honiton NC, Crossbow NC, Titans NC


Teacher Award                                                                 

Winner: Charlotte Haigh

Charlie has a mission to provide netball for juniors in Torbay. She created Dart Netball Club and her enthusiasm and passion for netball has had a huge impact on the level of activity in young girls within Torbay. Charlie is always looking to provide netball opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Nominees: Jill Bailey, Clare Elsley, Norn Warden


Unsung Hero Award                                                      

Winner: Lynn-Marie Tomlin

Lynn has made a huge contribution to Raychem NC and supports players, coaches, officials and the committee with a level of commitment that is admirable. Lynn organised a trip to Disneyland for the junior section and raised money to help subsidise the cost.

Nominees: Ann Nicholas, Val Hufflett, Victoria Bisgrove, Beryl D’Alessandro, Julie Dolling, KarenDent, Mandy Coe, Steve Richmond, Chris Neal


Young Volunteer Award                                                 

Winner: Zoe Kidson

Zoe has not missed one session at Honiton NC all season. Zoe also assists her PE teacher with netball sessions and has supported the Junior League to grow by umpiring under 11 and 12 matches. She is an excellent role model and her coaching is inspiring.

Nominees: Hannah Barnes, Lauren Leatherland, Chloe Cooper, Nicola Dunkin

Heather Crouch Award                                                  

This award is selected from the winners of the other 8 categories and presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to netball in the South West.

Winner: Hollie Wright


Team Bath End-Of-Season Awards 2016

Netball Performance League

Players’ Player: Sam Sullivan

Coaches’ Player: Paige Reed

Endeavour Award: Kirsty Harris


Netball Vitality Superleague

Players’ Player: Mia Ritchie

Coaches’ Player: Mia Ritchie

Endeavour Award: Chelsea Lewis

Fans’ Player: Karla Mostert


Netball South West would like to say a big thank you to Claire Carter from BBC Somerset for hosting our event wonderfully, to Somerset County Cricket Club for providing an excellent venue and good and also to Will Dax for taking all the photos. A huge thank you also has to go to Team Bath, their staff and players, for helping to organise the event and making it such a great occasion.

Finally, we would like to wish all the winners the best of luck when they go forward to compete in the National Goalden Globe Awards where they will be against winners from all the Netball Regions across the country.