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Debbie Ashworth-y on Goalden Globe big award

The South West Goalden Globes were held on Sunday 18th June and was an opportunity for us to recognise and thank our volunteers for the huge contribution they make to netball throughout the region. None more so than Debbie Ashworth, not only did Debbie win the Grassroots Officials Award but she also won the Heather Crouch Award. This award is selected from one of the regional Goalden Globe winners and is presented to a person, group or organisation that has made a significant contribution to or had an impact on Netball in the South West and Debbie is definitely worthy of the title.

Debbie is considered to be the umpiring guru of Cornwall. She recently passed her A award at the first attempt, not for her own satisfaction, but so she could bring her learning back to her mentees. Debbie has supported and developed over 50 new umpires, coordinates and mentors umpires at all NSW’s U16 and U14 regional events and frequently goes above and beyond what is required of her. She attends every junior league, is out every night of the week supporting umpires and rose to the challenge of providing umpires for the Regional Schools tournament. Debbie is encouraging and supportive in her approach, giving her trainees confidence and setting high standards to ensure they pass their assessment with ease.  Since she has become involved she has moved officiating in Cornwall from not having a sufficient umpire base to not having enough top level games to support the ever increasing demand for umpires she has developed. She continually inspires more people to get involved and will always give up a great game for herself to give one of her mentees the experience they need. Debbie is always prepared to help and assist umpires and teams, not just in Cornwall but within the South West region, regularly supplying umpires for regional matches if clubs are struggling and supporting any umpire who may be working towards their next award but does not have a mentor with them.

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