A four-way play-off tournament was held on Sunday 21 May at the University of the West of England Sports Centre, Bristol to determine the two teams to fill the vacated places in Regional League 3 North Division.

Bristol Storm were aiming to retain their RL3 place, with Team Bath Tigers (Avon), Randwick (Glos) and Razzle Dazzle (Wilts) aiming for a regional place. After a round-robin competition, Team Bath Tigers emerged as winners having won all their matches, while Bristol Storm won two out of their three matches to finish in second place, therefore retaining their regional league place.

Changes to the Regional League 3 structure have meant that the RL3 division will be split into north and south sub-divisions. Entry into RL3 South is by invitation to the top teams from East Devon, West Devon, Somerset and Cornwall.

South West Regional League 3 North Play-Off Winners, Team Bath Tigers