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Helen Jones was our winner of the Netball Summer competition that Netball South West ran, read her story here:

‘Well, what can I say, other than what a summer of netball that has been enjoyed by all and inspired many.

Firstly both teams I play for, got promoted (not entirely sure this was anything to do with me as sometimes I catch the ball with my face  🤣 ). I’ve gone to work with that many different bruises at times, I’ve been pulled aside and asked if everything was OK at home. #netballproblems.

Then the Netball World Cup. I booked it all off work. As I was breaking up, work colleagues: ‘enjoy your leave… you going anywhere nice?’ (As they’re talking about all the lovely hot destinations they’re going to)

Me: ‘er yea…. it’s the Vitality Netball World Cup, two weekends in Liverpool and then the week days in a full netball coma watching as many games as possible, with the massive snack box prepared next to me and England flag face paint!. Work colleagues : 🙄 ‘oh ok… errrr.. have fun’

Firstly a surprise hen do for my friend. Apartment booked and off we went on our road trip to Liverpool. Amazing outfits for the hen, dressed as a wasp the first day (Go WASPS). What a secret to keep for a year of booking the tickets. Amazing time at both England games on the Saturday and Sunday.

A week of watching as many games as possible and eating the contents of the snack box. 🍫🍿🍭🍰

Then another weekend away with my netball team. Absolutely gutted we lost, lots of 😢. But then watching the final, wow, feeling inspired (to try and catch the ball properly!) and to have that faith in myself to make a difference. Amazing memories made with my netball family.

By chance I met these incredible group of ladies, by luck they became my friends. Netball is about bringing people together from all backgrounds, as individuals we couldn’t be more different, but with a love for the sport. Bring on the winter season. Fast5 tickets booked, Super league in Jan and Commonwealth in 3 years!’

What a story about a netball summer and we hope you have enjoyed your netball summer as much as Helen.

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