Each week we bring you a good news story from across the South West as part of our wedNEWSday articles.

Following on from last weeks wedNEWSday article we wanted to showcase the amazing people behind the Lockdown Hero recognition awards here in the South West. Starting with Cornwall and Devon East.



Emma Moore

“Emma has worked tirelessly to get the girls back on court, researching and seeking guidance from various sporting bodies as well as planning ahead and pre-empting guidance in order to act quickly to get back up and running. Emma fully appreciates the impact on mental health of not being active and acted as a champion for those whose clubs were unable to operate, providing lots of opportunities to help girls to participate.”

Ellis Adamson

“Ellis is an integral part of St Agnes netball club. During the pandemic she made sure there were weekly sessions on our social media sites to keep our members and players talking, active and engaged in the sport we all love. She led Zoom sessions with such enthusiasm ensuring we were all smiling right through and keeping open important channels of support that our club so often offers for so many. When not running fitness sessions Ellis was working as a doctor on the front line caring for end-of-life oncology patients that were suffering with Covid.”

Rachel Jones

Rachel’s passion and determination has meant that our club has been meeting at every opportunity within all guidelines. Using fun, innovative ways to ensure the team could continue to train. Bringing joy back into many ladies who had fought the hardship of the pandemic. Rachel has been taking all members health & wellbeing incredibly seriously and has gone above and beyond with levels of compassion. Reducing members anxiety and empowering ladies to return when many have been in crisis. No amount of words could give Rachel the credit she deserves for her tremendous efforts with our club. She courageously gives her heart and soul to members.”

Kathryn Pearn

“Kathryn has been a ray of sunshine throughout lockdown. She has kept teams together and provided them with safe and enjoyable activities. Kathryn ensured she was up-to-date with all legislation and oversaw every single session, through rain or shine. Due to her amazing abilities to think outside the box, she has allowed many of us to maintain our sanity, when mental and physical health issues were put under immense pressure due to the ever changing Government guidelines. Kathryn has inspired so many women, young and old, to retain or regain their fitness, whilst ensuring the wellbeing of others. Her positivity shines like a beacon even in the darkest of times.”

Devon East

Alice Clark

“Alice, through her dedication to netball and to the netball community, has been a tower of strength and positivity. Alice kept up the girls’ spirits with twice weekly Zoom sessions focusing on fitness, strength, netball skills and most importantly to ensure members remained engaged with netball and friends.  As soon as the rules allowed exercise with one other person Alice braved the winter weather and designed sessions that minimised equipment sharing, maintained the pace to avoid getting cold and used carparks, walls of buildings and steps to keep the sessions fresh. Alice shows a maturity beyond her young years and has proven to be a great role model for teenagers at our club.”

Chantelle Cox

“Chantelle’s commitment to netball has been above and beyond, she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. From organising Zoom netball sessions, fitness classes she has ensured that the young players remained connected throughout the pandemic.”

Dannii Godbeer

“Dannii has really strived to get our club back up and running especially the Junior section. Dannii looked for car parks, fields and any suitable space that would be suitable to cater for the juniors. Through many late nights she made sure all coaches were up to date with the new rules, risk assessments were completed, covid opt in forms were done and made sure that the club knew all the latest guidance. She organised training via zoom as well as online competitions and challenges to keep our club engagement high and a sense of family and community continuously going. Dannii is an absolute credit to the sport, the club and the members and without her we would have not been able to be back where we are and performing at the level we are.”

Karen Perryman

“Karen has willingly and selflessly looked after and supported us throughout the lockdown. by regularly putting on Zoom classes of “Wiggle & Giggle” and Pilates and, when we were allowed, set up Netball Skills sessions in her local park to encourage us to keep as fit, physically and mentally, as we could during the pandemic. She has been a constant support to all of us, creating a continuous sense of family and community.”

Kate Harper

Kate not only ran covid safe training sessions as soon as allowed, She helped set up outdoor courts for training & friendly games. Secured outdoor facilities for our local league. Umpired multiple matches every weeknight to cover for umpires who didn’t feel comfortable during the pandemic. Found players for teams who were short of players and always covered games so nothing was cancelled. Kate has gone above and beyond to keep netball going for everyone. She is an amazing teacher and netball wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Lorraine Beel

Lorraine has kept every single member of Titans engaged whether it has been them attending a zoom fitness session, a COVID safe training session or even an online quiz. Remaining fully up to date with the latest restrictions Lorraine fully risk assessed 5 different venues and was out 4 evenings a week to enable Titans to continue their netball. In addition, she organised virtual awards, equipment funding, safeguarding courses and even cooking competitions! Lorraine’s positivity shone through to everyone and has been a true inspiration to every single member of Titans.”

Sarah Bishton

During the first lockdown Sarah set up online health & well-being advice & fitness sessions for the back to netball groups & their wider friendship groups. When we came out of lockdown she offered back to netball fitness camps at a local field for all levels, aimed at encouraging everyone to get back out again after restrictions started to be lifted. Sarah always has a smile on her face and always wants to do the right thing to encourage us to develop a positive mindset through playing netball.”

We hope you enjoyed reading about all of the amazing work that these lockdown hero’s have been doing for netball. Next week we will be featuring Somerset & Dorset.

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