A face to face presentation night? That was so 2019!

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During these unprecedented times, across the South West, netballers have been getting very creative to unite and connect our netball family. This week’s #letsstayconnected story is all about the end of year virtual celebrations with Somerset Club, Galmington Netball Club (GNC).

As the season came to an abrupt halt, all of those exciting plans, celebrations and recognitions, all members had been looking forward to, were no longer possible. GNC’s committee set out to host a presentation that included everyone and not only celebrated successes but ultimately, their members.

GNC prides itself on the way it interacts with all members from different areas of the club. It was important that all members were involved in their celebrations, recognition of success and those memorable moments from the season.

They reached out to their members of each team to produce a creative short video about their team, season and end of year awards.  All team members joined forces virtually to collate their videos, with some enlisting help from members of their household, pets and a familiar face from our local franchise!

Double act, Abbie Barker (Chair) and Lydia Reeves (Vice Chair) hosted the presentation in true Ant Dec style, setting out an overview of the season with each group’s individual video’s to follow.

‘Our club is more than just netball, we value every single member and wanted to highlight that. The virtual presentation was a way that allowed us to do so.

The virtual presentations created a huge cross-club interaction, allowing us to integrate seniors and juniors, where as in previous years, the presentations are separate. It is amazing how much people can be lifted by seeing familiar faces. ’ Abbie Commented.

Lydia added ‘We have been aiming to post on social media 3 times a week with ‘Managing Monday’s’, ‘Thank you Thursday’s and ‘Sponsor Saturdays’, our presentation was a way to build upon this. We wanted to ensure that everyone got their moment in the spotlight.’

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