Who are TJ Saracens & what have they being doing?

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So just a bit of background on TJ Saracens. They are a club based in Bristol that has 3 senior teams and 3/4 junior teams (depending on number of players). The seniors play in the Avon Netball League (Div 6 and Div 2) and regional league 3. 

Lucy gave us an up date on what they have been doing throughout lockdown. ‘Throughout lockdown we made sure players had every opportunity to stay in touch with each other. This is made easier with our club whatsapp group. We started with weekly zoom quiz nights / games nights in place of training which gave us all a good laugh. We have a very good social secretary who organised some really fun evenings. We also put together a team video with the illusion of passing the ball to each other.

‘When Boris first allowed groups of 6 to meet outside we had small group meet ups and started casual fitness sessions (not official club pre-season). This was more for social purposes in the nice weather.’

‘Pre-season officially started last week (Tuesday 21st July). We are following all England Netball guidance and therefore did not use any netball equipment. Instead we used the session for fitness, including cardio – which involved quick footwork and sprint drills, and strength and conditioning – which focused on building muscle to support our joints. Ultimately, we want to be prepared for whenever the season starts and reduce the risk of injury when returning to play.’

‘The club is currently inviting new players to come along to pre-season in advance of trials. This gives people the chance to get to know current players and get a feel for the club. In addition, we are also in the process of advertising for a new coach for our regional and div 2 teams as our current coach would like to focus more on playing in the regional team.’

‘Overall, we are all very excited about being able to get back together and are eagerly anticipating the return to competitive netball. We have high hopes for the upcoming season and feel like early preparations are key!’

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