Taunton Netball Club fundraise for Love Musgrove

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Inspired by Taunton Town FC and their fundraising efforts for Love Musgrove – Taunton Netball Club knew they had to get involved and do their bit! They asked members to Join us by ‘donating what you aren’t spending’ to the clubs just giving page and raise money for Love Musgrove. This included big or small donation as individuals are able to make and here were some ideas.

🏀 Match fees
☕ and 🍰 at a coffee shop
A Friday night 🍺 
An 🍦 at the beach
🍿 A trip to the cinema 
🚗 fuel for a week
A visit to the 💇‍♀️ 💇‍♂️ 

Susie, from the club ‘we’ve asked for selfie’s telling us what people have donated (the amount doesn’t matter, we just wanted to know what!)We encouraged people to:

💙 Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives 💙

Our initial target was £200 and it is great to say that our fundraising page is now officially closed and we are really pleased to announce that our club raised a grand total of £1,358.18 (this includes gift aid). This contributes to £100,000 that has been raised for Love Musgrove so far – money that will be put to excellent use on the frontline and will be hugely appreciated.

In these unprecedented times, which are so challenging for so many of us in lots of different ways, it’s fantastic that we’ve still managed to come together to make sure something good comes out of it! Thank you to everyone who donated or shared’

Well done all, it has been great to see so many people getting involved.

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