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How netball brightens my darkest days

Abi Webber is a 22 year old working mum who lives in Devon. Below Abi talks about the impact netball has had on her mental health since becoming a mum.

“I started playing netball when I was eight years old. Having a mother that used to play three times a week, it was impossible for me not to become engrossed. I started in the school teams, then was enrolled into a women’s team by the age of 15.

I became pregnant at 21. My pregnancy was difficult (morning sickness, fatigue, cramps… you get the idea), so I had to take a break from netball until my son arrived. I ached to be back on the court, watching from the side lines as I ballooned with a tiny human cooking inside of me.

When my son did arrive, the weeks after became harder for me to bear. At my 10 week check up, I eventually broke down to my GP, telling her that I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t coping and that I was frankly miserable. She diagnosed me on the spot with Post Natal Depression and reassured me that plenty of women unfortunately go through it too. She urged me to return to netball, as it was such a positive impact on my physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

I cannot explain how wonderful it was to be back on court, even if I was, and still am, sleep deprived. Being with a team of women that have become good friends through the sport has helped me overcome my depression. I still have dark days but a Monday (netball day) always brings colour to a very monochrome day. Just being out of the house for an hour allows me to become ‘Abi’ again, not just ‘Noah’s Mummy’, plus it’s really nice to not have to worry about changing nappies, wiping snotty noses and the torture of Cbeebies!”

Additional information: Abi also has a blog charting her life as a young mummy

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