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Sheila from Torquay walking netball has written the below Ode to Walking Netball:

‘ Walking netball is such good fun
As long you walk and do not run
Because if you run and get found out
Then Glynis will blow her whistle and  give a shout
It doesnt matter who is winning or losing
Just enjoyable time with adrenaline oozing
It’s not a case if winning a cup
But the friendships that are made up
This is what it is all about not who is the best
But frankly it is nice at the end to have a rest
With a cuppa in our hands and little natters
To us that is all that matters
We have come through another Monday or should I say funday’

Shelia is 2nd from left

Thank you for the lovely ode and it has certainly put a smile on our faces!

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