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With netball coming back stronger each day, teams across the South West have been keen to get back on court and back to playing competitive netball. The South West regional league is now well underway and teams have been travelling across the region to put their skills to the test. It has been wonderful to see so many players enjoying themselves and teams have put in huge amounts of effort to ensure that matches go ahead, whether that’s finding alternative umpires or pulling players up from other squads in their club they are determined not to let COVID-19 get in the way.

The weekend of 30th – 31st October saw Team Jets come over from Jersey for double headers, Les Thomas (Netball South West competitions lead) commented on how grateful she is to the teams for the extra organisation that goes into making these weekends happen.

Unfortunately, several matches have had to be postponed due to COVID-19, however these are being rescheduled for later in the year ensuring equal opportunities for all the teams.

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