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Can you believe the Netball World Cup was 3 month ago? A South West Netballer, Elaine Rickard who volunteered her time as a Pivoteer at the event shares her story below.

Elaine said ‘So I’m back home and back to reality after a fantastic week and a half in Liverpool for the Netball World Cup. I spent my time as a Pivoteer mainly in backstage areas but I managed to get plenty of up close court side sneaky peeks of all the netball being played.

It was a good way to be involved and I got some great interactions with all of the teams. New Zealand were definitely the friendliest and most polite so if England had to miss out, I’m glad it was to them. And yes, Maria Folau really is that beautiful in real life! I was just as much in awe of the umpires as I was the players, and so was also quietly pleased to see an English Team White for the final. It may be over now, but I’m already thinking about how I can get to Cape Town for the next World Cup, or there’s always Commonwealth Games in Birmingham before then…’

Thank you for sharing your story and great to see you umpiring in the South West Regional League. We can’t wait to see where your volunteering journey takes you next.

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