We have a great wedNEWSday story for you this week. Swindon Vixens, a Wiltshire-based inclusive netball club, are looking to expand and grow but they need your help! Make sure you take a look at our website each week for more good news story from across the SW!

Vote for the Vixens!

Swindon Vixens Netball Club are looking to grow and develop and they need your help.

Swindon Vixens is a club for people with learning disabilities, set up by the Swindon District Netball Association Netball Development Officer and the Project Coordinator from the Swindon Advocacy Movement to offer netball opportunities in a fun and social environment.

The Vixens are already making a positive impact to a number of lives including helping their members with weight loss, providing regular social interaction and supporting them to increase their confidence, self-esteem and self-assurance.

Swindon Vixens require constant funding to maintain the club and continue to provide the excellent service as well as encouraging new members to join.

They have applied for the Avivia Community Fund and need your help to ensure they achieve the support they require. Simply follow the link below to vote for this great project:


Each person can cast a total of 10 votes and the Vixens would appreciate as much support as possible.

Any funding would be put towards the costs of additional court space, kit, equipment, first aid provisions and travel expenses.

And so now’s the time to share your project with friends, family and community supporters to get as many votes as possible.

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