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West Devon Netball have had huge success as a result of the Netball South West Community Grant that they were awarded and would like to say thank you to the Regional Management Board for their support.

They started off a project to encourage people within West Devon to either get back into Netball or try it for the first time as they anticipated interest would soar during and after the Netball World Cup. The project was run by a team of volunteers who all worked tirelessly to ensure the project was a success….and it was!

They ran 3 Netball sessions that were free to players looking to either get back into Netball or try Netball for the first time. They publicised the event using targeted advertising via social media and even managed to get our sessions mentioned on the television during our local news. 

Over the course of the project over 70 adult woman sign up to the sessions. In week 2 they saw over 50 people attending a single session! After the free sessions had finished the project finished off with a friendly world cup themed tournament which saw 4 teams (England, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa) battle it out for gold….thankfully this time England won. They supported players during the tournament with existing players from lower divisions of the league and handed out helpful guides which were packed with information on how to continue playing netball and join the West Devon league. 

After the 3 free sessions had finished the demand was still high to continue so the decision was made to run additional sessions to keep up with demand whilst they confirmed details of our new ‘Back To Netball’ session. Numbers have been continuously high and more people within West Devon are enjoying Netball as a result. 

The participants all commented on how much fun they had and how well run the sessions were and with over 95% of them wanting to continue Netball in some capacity, classifying this project as a huge success.

Recently our new ‘Back To Netball’ session launched off the back of players wanting to continue and one new team has already been formed and will be entering the West Devon League this month with another hoping to enter after Christmas.

You can view the round up video of the events here:


Thanks again for the support, Brooke Fairgrieve, part of the West Devon Netball Board said ‘we are incredibly excited to have motivated and aided lots of new people within our area to fall in love with Netball again’.

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