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On 14th July, Netball enthusiasts Sarah Bishton, a Back to Netball coach and Emma Kessie, a Sports Development Manager for Legacy Leisure, organised and delivered a one off Netball tournament celebrating the Netball World Cup at Riverside Leisure centre in Exeter.  

Lower divisions and Back to Netball teams from the South West were invited to play in a round robin style tournament. A total of 8 teams with over 80 participants played 7 games each. 

The Netball World Cup preliminary matches that weekend installed enthusiasm and energy into teams who all showcased some fantastic elements of skill and play. The top three playing position were hotly contested throughout and ‘Wildcats’ came out top winning the tournament, ‘Arrows’ came second and ‘Wonford Warriors’ came third.


Sarah “We thank all teams who participated in the tournament and special thanks to the umpires, Ollie Hatherley and Andree Merrett whom without this tournament would not have been a success. We both had a fantastic time organising and delivering the tournament to provide a competitive playing opportunity during the World cup.”

A player from Wonford Warriors Back to Netball team quoted,

“It was such an amazing feeling playing in the tournament as a back to netball team .  So many amazing women in one place , inspiring and encouraging one another.  It was friendly , competitive and fun”

Have you been inspired to try or even get back to playing netball? Netball South Wests website provides information on a variety of different types of netball opportunities in the region including, walking netball, back to netball and regular playing opportunities. 

Winners Wildcat in photograph

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