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“Having spent some time living in New Zealand, I realised just how popular Netball was on an international level, and came across lots of women my age; in their late 20s and early 30s, getting back into the sport. So, when I returned home to the U.K., I decided to get involved. I played for my nearest local team for a year, before embarking on setting up a Back to Netball club closer to home. The support we have had locally has been fantastic. For such a rural location, we have become quite a successful club, which is testament to the growing popularity of the sport in the area.  On a personal level, Netball has had a very positive impact on my life. Having not played since school, the Back to Netball programme has given me the confidence to re enter a sport that I loved as a teenager, and encouraged a new-found desire for a healthier lifestyle. Netball has also been a source of escapism for me. I can just focus on the game, and getting fit is a bi-product. The social aspect of playing a team sport is a major benefit too. It has been so good to be a part of a team again, and getting to know different people with a common interest the game. In my opinion, it is all positive steps towards community development and health promotion, which are both in the Nation’s interest, and are key to the value of sport overall.”


Running across England since 2010, over 60,000 women have taken part in Back to Netball and realised the benefits of getting involved. From losing weight, developing the body’s cardiovascular system and improving muscle tone, taking part in Back to Netball is great for you in so many ways.

Back to Netball sessions are running across England throughout the year and provide women of all ages with a gentle re-introduction to the sport. Run by passionate and enthusiastic coaches, sessions cover the basics of the game including passing, footwork and shooting. Sessions finish with a friendly game to put the skills you have learnt into practice.

Session Finder

Use our Back to Netball session finder to find your nearest session in the South West – Due to the current situation all Netball sessions have been postponed. Please keep your eye on our social media channels and website for when sessions around the South West may return.

Back to Netball: South West session Finder

If you do decide to give Back to Netball a try, it would be really handy if you can print out the Back to Netball Registration Form, have a read, fill in the details and hand to your coach when you arrive. If you can’t, don’t worry, our coaches will have on hand for you to complete at your first session.

You don’t need any special kit, just clothes that you feel comfortable exercising in and trainers ideally that lace up and we recommend a Freya Active sports bra. Make sure you bring some water and that you’ve had a snack a couple of hours before hand, something like our lovely sponsors Mrs Crimbles flapjacks or a banana so you’ve got plenty of energy.

Hundreds of women from all over the country are getting ‘Back to Netball’ each week. Pop your postcode into our handy session finder to find out where your nearest session is and Renew You this 2015.

Forget the Gym  – Let’s Netball!

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