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Posted June 14, 2023 by Poppy O'Reilly

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At Avon’s end of Season tournament, Kat Oldfield, Avon Committee Secretary, launched The Trainer Exchange; a kit exchange initiative designed to enable players, both adults and children, to participate in netball safely and to the best of their ability.

The idea is for netball trainers that are still in usable condition to be donated to The Trainer Exchange. Many keen netballers often receive new netball trainers every year for birthdays or Christmas leaving their old ones without a home. Additionally, with junior players they need new trainers every time their feet grow. A donation does not need to be made in order to receive a pair of trainers.

“I had been thinking about the idea for some time as after going in to coaching as well as umpiring I had become more and more aware of players participating in netball in unsuitable shoes. Seeing players pick up injuries and having a lot of injuries myself I wanted to try and make people as safe as possible and remove the barrier of cost from anyone’s participation in the sport.” Kat Oldfield

Since its launch at the end of May, 9 netball players have received new trainers and more donations have been made. Kat posts what donations have been received on the Facebook page and Instagram account and a quick message to her or comment on the picture is all that’s needed to secure a pair that suit your needs. A handover is usually done on match days at one of the Avon venues.

“I absolutely love the idea of the trainer exchange providing safety and opportunity to our young netballers, taking the pressure off of parents to financially provide. You always see girls playing in fashion shoes - which is hazardous! I am grateful that some of my girls have benefitted from the scheme, the improvement in their footwork and agility just from good quality shoes has been phenomenal”. Josie – supporter and donator

Kat has also set up a Go Fund Me page as she had enquiries of people wanting to donate money to support the initiative.

A massive Well Done to Kat for setting up this social initiative to help netball players in Avon.

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